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KS book is a discussion on how to accumulate wealth but is far from a how to get rich. It has more value In a lesson In critical thinking which Is how It Is being used In this course something K would find hard to swallow perhaps because he asserts schools teach the accumulation of data and not critical thinking. In that he is wrong. His criticism is a simplified and antiquated description of school in North America here critical thinking is the goal, and the reason both literature and math is taught.

Schools strive to teach independent critical thinking by giving students both assignments Like this and books Like this to read. I am sure K does not realize this but would be pleased. Moreover he tries to tell us that he was from a poor family but I feel that Is an exaggeration. HIS parents had good jobs and were able to volunteer for the US Peace Corps. He came from a fairly affluent family and married a wealthy woman and we know that because her parents had to pay $1000 a month for house axes.

People usually marry within the same economic social strata, few times would a rich girl be allowed to marry a poor man.

K says buying a house is not an asset. He feels people should not do It until they have a large amount of money already. He should think differently because he later confesses that he makes money at real estate. He never discusses why people should pay rent rather than a mortgage when the value of homes goes up over time.

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He knows that and says it does not always happen but it would be pretty difficult to find a place where the price of land has one down over a long stretch of time. KS is a promoter, a manipulator and confesses to this.

Killjoys was never really poor. He was born Into a prominent family of educators. That means they had money and social status and he always had contradicts himself saying do not get a mortgage and buy a house but doesn’t explain how paying rent is a good idea, and later talks about all the money he makes in real estate. His book is a good way to spark discussion and teach critical thinking something he thinks is not taught in school even though it is, and that his book would e used to teach you critical thinking is particularly interesting. 2.

Do you agree with the philosophy of the accumulation of wealth, and why? He is a promoter. He invests for short terms in companies and promotes their growth and sells before they level off, delays paying his creditors, looks for ways to tie up other peoples assets for his own benefit, has no guilt about making a lot of money from friends, invents economic theory without proof, and contradicts himself and still sells a ton of books and makes money convincing people their road to wealth is primarily attitude and education, even though he started out wealthy and married a wealthy woman.

His philosophy is to not be timid with your investments, only play with money you can afford to lose, educate yourself, pay yourself first letting creditor scream for money, do and do not invest in real estate. 3. Create a specific list of how you intend to go about accumulating wealth.

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