A Comparison of “How to Eat a Poem” and “Unfolding Bud” Eve Merriam,

The following sample essay on A Comparison of “How to Eat a Poem” and “Unfolding Bud” Eve Merriam, in “How to Eat a Poem”, and Naoshi Koriyama, in “Unfolding Bud”, address themselves to an enjoyable subject – the beauty of reading a poem. Although the poems present the same theme, they present quite different images. Koryama’s poem indicate that a poem which is not read yet is similar to an unfolding bud. He says that the poem needs a responsive reader to feels and reaches its hidden message inside.

The reader should reads with all of his/her senses to do that. Likewise, an unfolding bud which needs sun rays and water to blooms and reveals itself. Both reading a poem and folding a bud are alike in their requires time to reveals the poem’s and the bud’s rich inner self to see the beauty in them.

Merriam’s poem suggests that the poem is just like a fruit, eatable and enjoyable.

He claims that if anyone wants to read a poem he just have to go through it because it is ready for him as a fruit which is ripe to eat and enjoy it. Although that we are civilized, the poem’s reader should be wild and free with it without using any tool as he eat a fruit with his naked hands. Also, there is nothing in the poem is worthless or additional, everything is related. Unlike the poem, fruits has some extra materials which should be cut out, such as score, stem, rind and many others.

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The subject of reading a poem was shown in both poems clearly and beautifully. Even though that they has different metaphors of reading a poem, both adopted the claim that reading a poem bring a lot of joyous.

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