World History Chapter 8 Review

What activities were young men not allowed to do while preparing for the civil service examination in China during the Tang dynasty?

Which Chinese religion taught that the world was divided into a material world and a spiritual world, and that the goal of humans was to move from the material world into a union with the Supreme Ultimate?

The Japanese word kamikaze means?
storms/ divine wind

Technological developments during the Tang dynasty included what?
gun powder/ printing

As a result of trade, the city of Changan became what?
The wealthiest city in the world

The Mongols, led by Genghis Khan, expanded the empire by doing what?
bringing the Eurasian landmass under a single rule

Between the Tang and Ming dynasties, Chinese literature flourished because why?
Printing was invented

The samurai of Japan were a new class of military servants whose purpose was to what?
Protect the security of their employers

Which two factors contributed to the failure of Kublai Khan’s invasion of Japan in 1281?
The Kamakura shogunate and massive typhoon that destroyed most of the invading fleet

Followers of Theravada see Buddhism as what?
A way of life

Who was the ruler of a Mongol State based in Samarqand
Timur Lenk

The trading societies of Southeast Asia included what?

In the Tang and Song Eras, the old landed aristocracy was replaced by?

Emperor Tang Xuanzang is remembered for what?
his devotion to a commoners daughter

In 1206 Temujin was elected Genghis Khan,after which he devoted himself to what?
conquest; eventually establishing the mongol empire

Which philosophy was at the heart of the Chinese state government from the Song Dynasty to the end of the dynastic system in the twentieth century?

The samurai lived by a strict code known as?

Korean society was strongly influenced by?
the Chinese model of society

Followers of Mahayan saw Buddhism as?
religion not a philosophy

Most Muslim rulers in India were tolerant of Hindus because why?
There were too many Hindus to convert them all

What are the two major pars of Southeast Asia
The mainland down the Southern tip and the archipelago

What caused Buddhism and Daoism to become more attractive to the people of China?
feelings of insecurities

Which Japanese religion, still practiced today, includes a belief that people’s ancestors are present in the air around them?

The most popular sect of Buddhism in early Japan was?

Who first introduced Buddhism in Japan in the sixth century A.D?
Buddhist monks from China

Who were heads of noble families who controlled vast landed estates in Japan?

The mongol capital of Khanbalik later became known by the Chinese name?

After the death of Genghis Khan, the Mongol empire was divided among his sons into separate territories known as?

Which two rivers were linked by China’s Grand Canal?
Huang He and Chang Jiang


this strongly influenced Korean society

a system of philosophical teaching

unified the mongols

head of noble families

warriors; “those who serve” fought on horseback

the city of the Khan

the teachings of the elders; believed Buddhism was a way of life.

a military general

technological finding in the tang dynasty

a school that believed Therevada teachings were too strict

replaced the old landed aristocracy as the political and economic elite of Chinese Society

did not last long but it unified China once again

united the Khmer people and established a capital at Angkor Thom

Timur Lenk
the ruler of a Mongol State based in Samarqana

a new dynasty that lased nearly three hundred years

Hindu warriors

Li Bo
a free spirit whose writing centered on nature

yi song-gye
a military commander; seized power and founded the yi dynasty

south of the chang jiang river delta

Wu Zhao
known as Empress Wu; one of the few woman that had power

a serious Confucian

Author who wrote sanskrit prose and authored the adventures of 10 princes

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