Anna Chandy Autobiography

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Kerala History Quiz 1) The only Malayalee to be mentioned in the autobiography of Gandhiji is ? A) Barristor G.

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P. Pillai B) Sardar KM Panikkar C) Sree Narayana Guru D) K. Karunakaran 2) Who is the father of Malayalam Language? A) Kumaranasan B) Ezhuthachan C) Vallathol D) G. Sankara Kurup 3) Which is the first Bank in Kerala A) Muthoot Bank B) State Bank of Travancore C) Catholic Syrian Bank D) Nedungadi Bank 4) Who was known as Kerala Simham (Lion of Kerala) A) Marthanda Varma B) Velu Thampi Dalawa C) Pazhassi Raja D) None of these 5) The first Keralite to become a State Governor was ?

A) V. P. Menon B) R. Sankar C) Jyothi Venkitachalam D) Fathima Beevi 6) Name of the Ship in which Vascoda Gama came A) Saint Gama B) Saint Antony’s C) Saint Gabriel D) None of these 7) Who was the first Congress Chief Minister of Kerala? A) Pattom Thanupillai B) R. Sankar C) K. Karunakaran D) EMS 8) First Mamankam festival or Mamangam festival of Kerala was held in A) AD 78 B) AD 780 C) AD 789 D) AD 829 9) The First Europeans to come to Kerala was A) The Portuguese B) Dutch C) French D) British 0) First Malayalam Dictionary was compiled by A) Sreekanteswaram Padmanabha Pillai B) Mahakavi Vallathol Narayana Menon C) Hermann Gundert D) General Knowledge Quiz Blog 11) The first Jewish Synagogue in Kerala was set up in A) Kodungalloor B) Mattanchery C) Kochi D) Manjeri 12) The fist women Governor of Kerala was A) Fathima Beevi B) Jyothi Venkitachalam C) Anna Chandy D) Sarojini Naidu 13) Which ruler of Cochin started Thrissur Pooram A) Marthanda Varma B) Swathi Thirunal C) Shakthan Thampuran D) Chithira Thirunal 14) The largest irrigation project in Kerala is A) Kallada B) Malampuzha C) Pallivasal D) Neyyar 15) Vaikkom Satyagraha was in the year A) 1920 – 21 B) 1930 – 31 C) 1919 – 20 D) 1924 – 25 ************************* Answers 1) A) Barristor G. P. Pillai 2) B) Ezhuthachan 3) D) Nedungadi Bank 4) C) Pazhassi Raja 5) A) V. P. Menon 6) C) Saint Gabriel 7) B) R. Sankar 8) D) AD 829 9) A) The Portuguese 10) C) Hermann Gundert 11) A) Kodungalloor 12) B) Jyothi Venkitachalam 13) C) Shakthan Thampuran 14) A) Kallada 15) D) 1924 – 25

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