The House of Mango Street Literary Devices

What is is the biggest symbol presented in the House on Mango Street?
The House on Mango Street

In the vignette Papa Who Wakes Up Tired in the Dark. Esperanza says, “I hold and hold and hold him.” What literary device is this an example of?

In the vignette And Some More “There are clouds that look like big fields of sheep” is an example of what literary device?

In the vignette Geraldo No Last Name what literary device is most pronounced?
Social Commentary

In the House on Mango Street Esperanza matures along her journey.

What literary device is this an example of?


Sandra Cisneros often compares Esperanza personality to Sally’s. What literary device is this an example of?

In the Vignette Darius and the Clouds what do the clouds symbolize?

What is a vignette?
A short, well-written sketch or descriptive scene that does not have a plot but it reveals character, mood or tone.

In these vignettes: No speak English, Edna’s Ruthie, and What Sally said, what is the common theme?
Hardships of a woman in society.

In the vignette Laughter Esperanza states, “Our laughter for example…all of a sudden and surprised like a pile of dishes breaking.” What literary device is this an example of?

In class we learned about two types of symbolizes. In the House on Mango Street what time of symbol does the house portray.
A Constructed Symbol

Define bildungsroman.
A story or novel that depicts someone’s growth from childhood to maturity

What is the main setting in the House on Mango Street?
Mango Street

What writing style does Sandra Cisneros displayed in the novel, House on Mango Street?
She experiments by creating a text that is short and she uses sentence fragments so that the reader pauses, making each sentence serve as a paragraph.

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What is social commentary?
The act of expressing an opinion on the nature of society
It may be obvious or it may be a slightly hidden message in literature.

What is juxtaposition?
The arrangement of two or more ideas, characters, actions, settings, phrases, or words side-by-side or in similar narrative moments.

In the vignette Four Skinny Tree Esperanza says that the trees “grab the earth between their hairy toes and bite the sky with violent teeth and never quite their anger.” What literary device is being used in this phrase?

What literary device is at work in the following sentence? In the vignette Boy and Girls Esperanza says, “Until then I am a red ballon, a ballon tied to an anchor.”

In the vignette Hips what are the hips symbolizing?
Esperanza physically changing into a woman.

In the vignette No speak English the little boy who is beginning to talk can sing the Pepsi commercial on TV. This upsets Mamacita. What does speaking english symbolize in this vignette?
Loss of Mexican culture.

In the vignette the Monkey Garden Esperanza says, “Before you knew it, the monkey garden became filled with sleepy cars.” What literary device is this an example of?

In the vignette Alicia and I Talking on Edna’s Steps Esperanza wonders who is going to make Mango Street better. She says, “Who’s going to do it? Not the Mayor.” What literary device is at work in this vignette?

What is something that on the surface is its literal self but which also has another meaning or even several meanings?

What are constructed symbols?
Symbols given symbolic meaning by the way an author uses them in a literary work.

Define what a universal symbol is.
Symbols that embody universally recognized meanings

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