Creating a Study Guide

The format that I used to create my student guide was a simple one; terms accompanied by their definitions. This is how I have always studied and I don’t know how to create a study guide otherwise, but this has also been an effective method for me in classes I have taken here. When I have my study guide in the term/definition format, it becomes easy for me to translate the study guide into Quizlet. There, I can practice with flashcards and use their “Learning” feature to review and guess the terms until I can do it accurately.

I will be studying for the Foundations of Reading Test (FORT) by reviewing my study guide, as well as all of the classroom materials I have pertaining to reading. This includes textbooks bought for this semester and last, as well as handouts that I have collected since September. I am confident in my ability to take exams in general, but the FORT worries me because of how tricky its questions can be.

I will have to focus on the essential information within the question, similar to how we teach our students to zero in on the important information given in a word problem for a Math class.

I am usually pretty good at breaking down a question into the essential and nonessential questions, but I may find myself tripped up a bit when they ask questions about specific grades and ages. I think that I need to study more about grade-specific reading methods and skills in order to feel confident in taking the exam.

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I would tell them that in order to receive their teaching certificate, they will need to pass a whole slew of tests. I would tell them the different subjects in the Praxis tests so that they would pay particular attention to content learned in classes such as M118 and M119. I know that if I were thinking forward, I definitely would’ve paid more attention in both of those classes. I needed to have a concrete realization that my learning in those classes would be directly related to my confidence in mathematics when taking the Praxis II exam.

As far as the FORT is concerned, I think that the best way for students to prepare for that test is to just continue learning at their own best rate. I will encourage the student to speak up more in class when it comes to material they don’t understand, because allowing this lack of understanding to continue would hinder the student’s ability to take the FORT when the time came. I would also tell the student to keep all of their teaching textbooks and not sell them back to the bookstore or other students like they might for general curriculum courses. This textbooks can become vital resources and some of them I know I will continue to use as I become a teacher.

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