The Preparation of the Students for the Various Tests

Tests, quizzes, examinations; quite possibly the most stressful time in a students educational career. The test means questions that need to be answered, life’s questions. A, B, C, or D determines the fate of a student. Answering these questions take preparation, practice, patience, and perseverance. During the school year, the average student spends an average of 17 hours a week studying. However, the studying habits differ from person to person. There are four distinct types of people who study: The overprepared organizer, the negligent napper, the charged up crammer, and the distressed distracted.

The types of study-ers vary from class to class and test to test but are relatively the same throughout.

The overprepared organizer is usually a nervous mess in disguise. This person has a backpack that, upon standing up, almost has the person toppling over. Filled with notebooks, flashcards, reviews, a computer, folders, every assignment ever completed. Their reviews are color-coded by class or subject. They are never seen studying with others, as others would steal their ideas.

The organized has done every review, assignment, and gone to every class. They must do well as if their life depends upon it. They’re organized, they’re over-prepared, they’re ready. However, this constant feeling of stress usually comes with this type of study habit as well, either because a person is under personal pressure, peer pressure, or pressure from parents, unless they do the very best, it’s not good enough.

The negligent napper doesn’t truly care about studying.

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They make an appearance at the study group purely for social obligation. They have no notes, or anything to contribute to review, but are more than willing to take others study materials. They don’t go to class or sleep in class. They never study or prepare. This disinterest can be caused by disinterest in the subject at hand, they have no connection to the material, and therefore don’t care how well or poorly they do on a test, or in a class. It can also be due to overconfidence, for example, if a person always gets good grades they will become complacent and believe there is no reason to study. They could also be trying to have an outwardly “cool” appearance, in the millennial generation, actual effort is seen as uncool and nerdy. Whatever the reason, they have no care for the examination, and instead, nap off the barely passing grade they will receive.

The charged up crammer has never shown an interest until they realize it may be too late. This could be due to the need to appear “cool”, but then also have good grades due to parental pressure, or peer pressure. They stay up all night the night before a test. They down coffee and caffeine, along with energy drinks. Their bodies pulse with energy as they review the book, due to lack of notes. They constantly text the group chat, asking questions, or for notes or reviews. The other types of people who study are always annoyed with this person, they barely study, and pass only because they put in the minimal amount of effort. They’re on the edge of a breakdown until after the test, when they return to a nonchalant state of mind, waiting until the next test for the cycle to repeat itself.

The distressed distracted has a genuine interest in the studying, but cannot seem to actually study. This person has snacks: chips, cookies, soda, and the like. They listen to music, headphones trying to quiet outside distractions, yet failing. They use every notification on their phone from a text to the news as an excuse to escape the studying. They always study in groups, and talk to their friends in the group and are constantly moving. Most are there to study, yet somehow cannot find the determination to follow through. The people who are distracted usually have an interest in the material, and an urge to do well, however, they cannot seem to do so. They are usually very social beings, who tend to focus more on that then school, and yet still have favorable grades. There could also be parental pressure to study, so they feel as if they must, but when beginning realize they have no real need to study, as they understand the material presented in the first place.

The truth is none of these study types is perfect, and none leads to a truly stellar student. A student can be highly organized and prepared and study a majority of the time, and then have no extracurriculars or true friends. A student can be highly social, and then have less than average grades. The perfect student would be all of these types combined: prepared, confident, able to gather and understand information, and able to socialize. There is no correct way to study, because each student is different, and learns different ways.

Every person has different habits, processes material differently, has different likes and dislikes. Therefore, there is no absolute way to become a better student or have above a 4.0 and extracurriculars and a social life. The path to success is different for each and every person, and it is up to them, and them only, to decide where that path lies and where it will take them. Otherwise, a life is not truly lived as one would have it. Success is a repeated pattern of personal choices that lead to an individual’s mindset of happiness. Studying is only one of those choices.

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