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Postmodernism Literature Stylistic Techniques

Taking various ideas from previous writings and literary styles and pasting them together to make new styles.

Acknowledgment of previous literary works within another literary work.

The act of writing about making readers aware of the fictional nature of the very fiction they’re reading.

Temporal Distortion
The use of non-linear timelines and narrative techniques in a story.

The use of characters and events which are decidedly common and non-exceptional characters.

Disorganized, lengthy, highly detailed writing.

Magical Realism
Introduction of impossible or unrealistic events into a narrative that is otherwise realistic.

The mixing of actual historical events with fictional events without clearly defining what is factual and what is fictional.

Reader Involvement
Often through direct address to the reader and the open acknowledgement of the fictional nature of the events being described.

Hyper reality
Inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality, especially in technological advanced postmodern societies.

Cloud Atlas
Example of a Pastiche

Example of Intertextuality

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