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John Donne (religious poetry)

Our zealous
thanks we pour such titles unto you

Her flesh
redeemed us

Trusting too much in
thy blood/that in hope we wound away

Our affections
kill us not

Let it not
return to us again

blow burn and make me new

my heart three person’d God

breathe shine and seek to mend

I like an
usurp’d town to another due

me, untie me, break that knot again

Nor ever chaste,
except you ravish me

unto your enemy

Her soul
early into heaven ravished

Paid her
last debt

My love to
saints and angels, things divine

I am
carried towards the west

Subject to
foreign motions

My soul’s form
bends towards the east

Burn off my
rust and my deformity

Yet dare I almost be
glad I do not see/That spectacle of too much weight for me

I turn my back
to thee to receive corrections


John Carey opening
The firs thing to remember about Donne is that he was a Catholic; the second that he betrayed his faith

His poems are fundamentally coterie literature and politically encoded verse

Donne writes self indulgently about self indulgence

Marotti on the Holy Sonnets
The Holy Sonnets are contaminated by self interest that steer them away from the devotional ideal

Gardner on the Holy Sonnets
Donne’s holy sonnets lack the greatness of his love poetry for in those passion is the poem’s own justification

Carey on apostasy
Donne’s poems are the fruit of his apostasy

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