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Women Essay Examples

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The Power of the Pill: Oral Contraceptives and Women’s Career and Marriage Decisions

The year 1970 witnessed an increasing number of graduate women entering professional courses and their enhanced age levels at first marriage. Claudia Goldin and Lawrence F. Katz in their study paper entitled “The Power of the Pill: Oral Contraceptives and Women’s Career and Marriage Decisions” under the auspices of Harvard University and National Bureau of…

American Homefront after World War II

The American homefront before, during, and after World War ii changed. Some people like to think it changed little, and some like to think it changed drasticly. A lot of women think that they were a big part of changing the homefront during the war. Women became a symbol during the war, they became flyers,…

To Be A Woman: A Curse or a Blessing

Considering the fight women during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries put up in order to gain equality between women and men, there should be no discrimination in this present era. Women of today should be independent and should be able to live full lives. Women of today are supposed to be unstoppable, and they can…



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Size 6: The Western Women’s Harem

In Size 6: The Western Women’s Harem, the author emphasizes on the restrictions being set by the modern world on women. We all know that the conservative Muslim countries restrict their women from freely socializing by imposing the use of a veil. However, the author points out that this hindrance to women’s freedom is not…

Independent Women in the Media

Fatal Attraction (1987) and Devil Wears Prada (2006) are two classical movies that talks about the story of independent women who is in the working force. Even though these movies are released almost 20 years apart, they share a lot of similarities with how independent women are being portrayed in the media. Fatal Attraction was…

Stereotyping women in work

Since the beginning of time, man has always been the dominant factor in the society and the household. In view of the fact that the women are responsible for giving birth to children, the caretaking of the house and children are the only factors that have been attributed to them. After feminist movements, females took…

The Lady or the Tiger

Recent studies show that it is natural for women to be deceitful in order to provide their children with a perceived advantage. The princess is described “as blooming as [the king’s] most florid fancies, and with a soul as fervent and imperious as his own”. The words fervent and imperious lead the reader to assume…

Five Faces of Oppression

The word oppression still exists in the everyday lives of women but has changed its tyrannical implications, meaning there is no dictator to influence or force negative actions toward women gender. According to Iris Young, the author of the chapter Five Faces of Oppression, the word oppression has come to represent communities and individuals that…

Empowering Rural Women in Health, Literacy and Environment

The real implementation of women’s empowerment was more prominent from the 1990’s. The world conferences during those times on human rights and social development provided several opportunities and helped to build a consensus for women empowerment. A comprehensive document on the world’s commitment to women’s rights was drafted in Beijing Platform for Action in 1995….

Housewives Are More Responsible Mother Than Working Women

Housewives are more responsible mother than working women Yes because… No because… housewives give children the attention they need Psychologically,diet-wise and academically. Housewives can be both educated and uneducated but the fact that they spend more time with their children means that they put in a greater effort and since they are not preoccupied with…

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