A women’s place is in the home

According to this phrase women have always been submissive, staying at home and looking after their children and generally doing domestic chores. The expression implies that women do not deserve an education or a career; they only serve a domestic purpose. Women have been portrayed as ‘Sluts’, simply because of their dress sense, hairstyle, makeup Read More

The beggar women and the seduction

Both the beggar woman and the seduction deal with attitudes towards women and love, and the relationship between the sexes. In this essay I am going to explore these ideas and look at the similarities of the two poems although they were written over 100 years apart. The beggar woman was written in the 17th Read More

The Reality of Medieval Women

The image painted of medieval women in history is often not an accurate one. It seems that women were often forced to take a step-back by the then male dominated society. Sources from the middles ages heavily emphasised traditional male roles. History was often concerned with males and females were seldom mentioned. Ruling was conducted Read More

Women and Crime by Frances Heidensohn

Women and Crime is written by Frances Heidensohn. The book was published by Macmillan Press LTD and it is the second edition. The main themes in the book are about how women are treated when they commit crime. The book looks at what crimes women commit and how they feel. It studies how the criminal Read More

The relationship between women and film

For my critical research project I wanted to find out if black female actresses have become more successful since the 1960’s. Because I found that it is a highly debated topic, and that I could use many different forms of primary and secondary research My first objective was to narrow my question “have black women Read More