Women’s Suffrage Movement

For the past few decades the goal of feminism has been to achieve equal rights for women. It began with the efforts of Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton who laid the frame for the Women’s Suffrage Movement and later movements to come. They set out to clear the board of patriarchal domination. Since women Read More

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Votes For Women

Question One A Campaign for women’s suffrage developed in the years after 1870 because of the disadvantages women had in the community. Women in these times were considered as second class citizens. Women created this campaign because they wanted to be ordinary citizens and have an equal status to men. Although they sought independence, men Read More

The nature of women’s history and the reason why women are mostly absent from most historical accounts

The historiography of women essentially began in the 1960’s when research was undertaken in greater depth. Perhaps ironically this was somewhat stimulated by the fact that women were an ‘invisible’ group and remained hidden from historical accounts. In particular, before the 1960’s the only women who were investigated were exceptional women, for example Queen Elizabeth Read More

The Role of Women in the Church

This paper looks at the biblical teaching on the role of women in the church. Does the Bible place certain restrictions on the types of ministry which women are to exercise in the church? Should certain positions in the church have a “men only” sign on them? It is helpful to first contrast 2 opposing Read More

On the Role of Women in Colonial Latin America

Early Latin America is a rich and complex social, political, economic, and cultural environment possessing a distinctly Western (European) core constantly influenced by those forces inherent within a colonial system. Out of a mercantist fueled drive for wealth and power arose a new culture dominated by Iberian (Spanish and Portuguese) presuppositions concerning religious ideology and Read More

Evaluate the progress made by women in the area of legal rights, 1815-1928.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the rights of women were severely circumscribed, in almost every aspect, by male dominated society. Double standards were common practice in almost every level towards women, throughout Britain, as at the same time male counterparts from wealthy backgrounds were generally, allowed more political and individual rights, which were Read More

Women’s Employment in Ireland

James Joyce’s Dubliners explores the lives of the middle-class society of the people living in Dublin during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This collection of stories starts with tales of youthful individuals and moves to stories of older Dublin citizens and their relation to culture and society. Through the course of this book, Read More

Women of the Renaissance

The definition of the Renaissance is usually confined to literary and religious spheres of society, however there were strong cultural impacts that forever altered the role of women in developing civilizations. In the Renaissance there was a growing struggle for a return to classical learning, but unlike previous philosophical movements, men were not alone in Read More

Women and Man are Equal in Gods Eyes

The role of women is arguably a sensitive subject in today’s society. The subject becomes even more critical when the question of what is a women’s role in ministry, and are they even allowed to teach, preach and be spiritual leaders in church and in the community that they live in. In order to understand Read More