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Businesses operate through having contacts and personal information for their clients which enables them to thrive well. Due to the extensive use of the internet, the necessity for globalization and data backup in online serves customers’ personal confidential information is available online. Although companies have made major achievements through this approach, some disadvantages have emerged through stealing and misuse of confidential information online than offline. Considering that most of the services before wide internet adoption were mainly offline, there were minimal cases of identity theft and cybercriminal activities.

However, with increased online presence for companies and individuals, the rate of data breaching has raised significantly. Owing to this, it becomes hard for the individual’s confidential information to be stolen without their awareness through offline; for example, it may require the criminal to ask potential victim or another party the details either face-to»face, telephone or postal/email address where the respondent will opt to answer or ignore.

Contrastingly, the online case is different since the criminal will use hacking techniques to obtain the information without enquiring anyone which increases the chances of online data theft higher since it may happen anytime.

The number of cases that happens differs significantly between online and offline. Assuming that offline data theft has succeeded, it will be for very few victims of hundreds may be through stealing a book where details of customers had been recorded, If the company had one million customers and one book was taken had one thousand customer details, that is the only data lost.

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On the other hand, the online has more significant implication with numbers. A company has one million customers with online details will risk losing data of the one million clients when hackers gain access to the servers. This implies there is higher risk online as compared to offline.

Additionally, considering the geographical location means that offline data breach happens within the area of the criminal but not far away An example includes targeting a company startup in Hawaii and breaking to collect their hard copies having customer contact details which require criminal’s presence in Hawaii. On the contrary, the same startup is exposed to more cybercriminals globally through its online presence implying someone thousands of kilometers away like in Australia or Russia can target it successfully. The rate of realizing impact is relatively lower through online than offline thus making the former more implicated Considering an offline example with physical assault to steal details through breaking offices, alarms may be raised, and within a short duration of three hours the company officials responsible for data will be aware of robbery attack/theft of data and take necessary actions to prevent further loss.

On the other hand, online data loss may happen “silently“ during the long December festive season and misused before staff resume in January to notice the loss Furthermore, the impact of online information loss differs from offline Considering the earlier example of one thousand offline clients’ data in a book, this will have less impact on the loss incurred as compared to the one million clients’ information stolen online In case data is intended for financial transactions, the economic loss incurred for one million customers will be far higher than the one thousand customers, These issues justify that online has higher threats than offline although online is inevitable for companies hence tight security measures should be adopted.

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