My Personal Experience of Vacation in Hawaii

Whoosh! Ah, the serene ocean sounds of the beautiful, cultural islands of Hawaii. My family and I went there last year and are greatly considering returning to the islands famous beauty next summer. When we were there we experienced the most accelerating time of our lives and I plan on describing this everlasting experience. First, the Islands themselves are closely packed together but their beauty is spread throughout them. Every Hibiscus Hawaiian Flower releases a fragrance that makes you feel tremendously relaxed emotionally and physically.

The food is luscious, fresh coconuts, fresh pineapple, divine guava, pork just caught and cooked, and the desert is exquisite carrot cake, pineapple pudding, coconut cake and best of all cheesecake, just made. The Luaus were greatly anticipated, there was music and dancing, fire dances, and food. The way the luaus were set were in front of the ocean which gave a glorious backdrop that highlighted Hawaiis culture and history.

Second, the view from the helicopter ride we chartered was awesome.

We flew over the beach, over restless volcanoes that made lava that created more real estate every day, down into valleys where high waterfalls gave shape to the natural land. When we landed I wanted to do the whole miraculous trip again. Third, were the beautiful hotels we stayed at that gave us a time of relaxation and peace. Serenity came from the sound of the full, blue ocean beating softly against the peach, squishy sand that is covered with newly washed abroad shells. Surfers surfing gracefully atop the waves gave a feeling of accomplishment and entertainment to the surroundings that heavily occupied the crowded beaches.

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Above all, the trip was the most luxurious I have ever had in my life and plan on returning to its beauty as well as visiting the Japan chain to see its beauty as well. So visiting the islands, the helicopter view and the hotels made my trip all that it could have been and more in my mind so broadly.

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