Which island in Hawaii is the cheapest?

If you have not traveled to the Hawaiian Islands you might have the doubt that these islands, cited so often by those who want sun and sea, are just a fantasy paradise invented by some explorer with the taste of adventure. But the archipelago, the undisputed symbol of wild places, really exists and is made to savor with every sense: bright colors to look at, mountains, and white sand beaches. But when it comes to a trip to Hawaii there is something travelers (especially those with a budget) would really like to know…

Which island in Hawaii is the cheapest? This guide is dedicated to the cheapest island in Hawaii and why, besides its affordable prices, you should definitely plan a trip there for several reasons.

This is an overview of the main Hawaiian island and their price range for some of the activities you should try during your stay for a trip to remember. The source of this report is Price Of Travel.

As you can see Oahu is the cheapest island with many different services and experiences offered at a cheaper price than the other islands. The second cheapest island is Big Island. But then your question now might be, what can I see and do in Oahu, the cheapest island in Hawaii?

For example, the turquoise waters of Hanauma Bay are famous, set along the southeastern part of Oahu, under the imposing bulk of the Koolau volcanic chain. The so-called ‘Curved Bay’ is part of the Koko Head Regional Park, is cut in half by the coral reef and you can see countless species of colorful fish.

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A couple of miles from this sub kingdom is Sandy Beach, ideal for body surfing but potentially dangerous for inexperienced swimmers, due to the currents and very strong waves. But on the island of Oahu the natural wonders, so wild and indomitable, blend with modern and vibrant cities, whose skyscrapers cut the sky a short distance from the volcanic mountains However, there are many other attractions, in addition to the sea, that makes this land fantastic. Among the places of greatest interest, not to be missed for any reason, are:

  •  the Valley of the Temples, a particularly suggestive oasis of peace that houses a reconstruction of a traditional Buddhist temple called Byodo-In;
  • the Polynesian Cultural Center, where you will find information and historical relics dating back to the Polynesian populations who first moved to the island;
  •  the naval base of Pearl Harbor, a sacred site not only for the Hawaiian archipelago but for all the United States of America. Inside the complex, you will find museums that remember the sad event, and you can visit the USS Arizona, the first of the ships shot down.

Besides that, a trip to Oahu is a wonderful chance to full immerse into the local culture, try some tasty food, and try one of its incredible activities from trekking to snorkeling and more. Remember that, when you travel you should go for an authentic unique experience and you should always look for what’s typical and local relying on less touristic and more travelers like adventures. This is the best way to really enjoy Oahu and explore its beauties, it hidden gems reconnecting with the real soul of the Island.

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Which island in Hawaii is the cheapest?
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