What Skateboarding Means to Me

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The event that was introduced to me was skateboarding and skateboarding to me is important, significant and meaningful in different ways. I began skating as an activity to just release my boredom and become more active. I was mostly influenced to start skating because of a game called Skate 3 and this showed me a visual of all the things I could do with a skateboard and skating in general. Skating became my passion and started to become meaningful to me in several ways which includes helping me release my frustrations in a positive way and letting go of bad habits, building bonds with people that love the same thing as me and showing me another form of freedom as well as taking risks.

Skating built a foundation for me to express and let out certain feelings of mine that I couldn’t really let out through any other way or form. Before skating, I would build up most of my emotions and keep them bottled up and doing so would have me act a certain way I didn’t want to, and I would end up doing something I would possibly regret later on.

Once I began skating, I could let out all these negative emotions through a positive way by trying to learn a new trick or just tiring myself out. Since I started getting into this habit of letting my negative emotions out through a positive way which is skating, I started to become better or decent at skating.

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Not only did I mentally help myself, but I also became better at something I enjoy and love to do. While getting into this habit I also began to stop smoking because I was becoming active and my boredom began to go away, so it wasn’t necessary anymore. As time went on and I figured out this form to release my frustrations and negative emotions I came to realize that little by little I started to become happier and began to enjoy the little things in life.

After I started to learn a few tricks on my skateboard, I began to build the confidence I needed to go to the skate park. I was always nervous to go because I felt as if I wasn’t good enough to be there with everyone else and I felt like I would just get in the way of the skaters that were good. The first time I entered the skate park I realized there was absolutely nothing to be nervous about. Everyone at the skate park were very nice and welcoming at the same time, once I started talking to the skaters there we clicked instantly. As time went on and I started to visit the skate park more often, I began to build bonds with everyone there and this was easy to do so for the fact that everyone there love and enjoy the same thing as me, which is skateboarding. I feel connected with the other skateboarders not only because I share the same emotions or feelings as them, but also because we share the same perspective and vision. Most importantly I found myself in a community that accepted me for who I was and where it didn’t matter what age, race, or cultural background I came from.

As two years went by, I felt as if I had become much better at skateboarding and finally felt proud of myself as I never did before. Once this happened, my love for skateboarding had grown exponentially to a point where skateboarding is all I ever wanted to do. I began to skate everywhere with anyone and in my mind, skateboarding was the true meaning of freedom to me. I perceive skateboarding as something where I can free my mind without any sort of hesitation, and it feels like a form of meditation to me. I can skate anytime and anywhere without having to join an organized team, having to pay and most importantly ask anyone’s permission to do so. That to me is the freedom and independence that any skater is proud to have at heart. Every skater including myself takes risks of getting injured to getting the cops called on us for skating on private property and to me this is for the greater good of skating and even expressing myself. Taking a risk gives me an adrenaline rush right before trying a trick for the first time or even doing a trick I’ve mastered over a large gap. I feel as if there is no greater feeling in the world than overcoming something, I thought I could personally never do.

As I was influenced by a game and videos of skateboarding, it became a big part of my life and as I progressed, skateboarding became important, significant and meaningful to me in multiple ways. Skating became my passion and started to become indescribable pure purpose to me in several ways which includes helping me release my frustrations in a positive way and letting go of bad habits, building bonds with people that love the same thing as me and showing me another form of freedom as well as taking risks.

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