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Now days paintball sport is very popular because this game gives thrill, action, and adventure. However, paintball is an aggressive team shooting sport in a huge open field with some objects to hide beside them and to get protection from opponent team player hitting. First of fall, in these sports players knock out another team member by hitting spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules which are also known as paintball bullets and there are paintball guns which are usually made of low energy air weapon and that is powered by compressed air.

Basically, in this sport one can play an individual up to five to 7 people and can paly in two or four teams furthermore to play this game you must wear safety equipment like helmet, goggles, elbow and knee pads.

Secondly, when games start there two flags which given to both team captains and now both team player has to take their opponent team flag and if one of the team will be successful to take opponent teams flag will be winner however now both teams starts fighting to take flag by hitting with paintball bullets and if one is hutted from the opponent team player than that player will be out and he has raised his hand and speak out and also have to left the paintball court.

Paintball is considered leisure because in this sport one can learn a different strategy that how to defeat opponent team members and it is a physically demanding game in this game you must be physically fit, and it is a good body exercising game.

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Paintball is a great activity game for those who don’t have time to go to the gym to do a workout or want something active with their friends or family members.

Paintball game is based on that one can get whole body workout while playing because it involved crawling, diving, spiriting, dodging and shooting. Paintball is a team sport game which required a few amounts of strategy and performance can be performed only when all players works together as a team which improved team spirit and leadership skills. While playing paintball the one disadvantage is that the bullets that hit you can hurt and get some pain where bullets hits. While playing paintball another disc-out comes is that you can be got injured and got some minor scrapes. I make changes to safety equipment and try to use good quality of safety martial like chest guard and that helped the player to not get hurt by paintballs bullets. For injuring prevention, I would use an object made of soft sponge martial and placed in the field to hide and get protected from fire bullets.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is a thriller leisure activity that is famous worldwide. This activity is located at a high hill station. Where one relates to large elastic rope and then they jump from the hill and feel thrilled comes from the free-falling and rebounds. When the person jumps, the cord stretches and the jumper flies upwards again as the cord recoils and continues to oscillate up and down until all the kinetic energy is released. Why people considered this activity as leisure because they get so much thrill from the free-falling and from this activity one can remove their height phobia. From the bungee jumping a person can get a chance to stretch out every muscle from ankles down to the tip of the finger. Another advantage is that it reinforces muscle and recover and boost our physical stamina and relaxes. At the last of the day, more than the mental and physical benefits, it is the delightful and enjoyable experience that we will get the most. High possibility of injury while jumping and the combination of this extreme force and hanging from a cord can cause varying degrees of injuries your eyes, spine, and neck that can even be severe enough to result in death. Frequent injuries have included dislocations, rope burns, back injuries, and eye trauma. If I am the programmer of bungee jumping than I will make a safety protocol. In that protocol, I will arrange a prior test for a jumper to check his physical fitness. I also provide parachute to the jumper and give safety pieces of equipment like a helmet, back guard to protect injury from back and head.


As we know we are familiar with biking which is also know as cycling. Firstly, to do biking we need to have a cycle and there are three type of cycles unicycle, bicycle and quadricycles however bicycle is run on human-powered which lead to doing good leg and body exercising. Biking is considered the most favorite leisure activity because it provides a good body exercising and it also gives motivation to other people to use a bicycle for short-distance transportation which leads to a reduction in usage of fossil fuel.

There are a lot of advantages of biking like boost cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength, flexibility furthermore it also increased joint mobility and one can also reduce weight by doing biking daily. While biking on the national trails one can enjoy the environment and get fresh air and reduce stress and its improved posture and give strengthened to the bones. Doing biking daily leads to improved in the health of the heart, lungs and it also boosts blood circulation. The main barrier of biking is time because it is a time-consuming activity, so you must give a little bit your time to biking and during biking it also gives pain to upper and lowers back from the constant motion of being bent over.

Another disadvantage is bike theft, poor light, no more biking lanes on the road, dangerous driver and no passenger carrier. If I am a programmer, I will be designing a cycling program for the people on weekends for a specific time about one hour which leads to good exercising and it not affects back pain more because it is just for a limited time. I modify a bicycle with proper light which runs on solar energy also changes locker to digital which unbreakable.


Hiking is term as a long walk on trails in the countryside area and it is a popular activity in the world however doctors also suggest that there are lots of health benefits of doing hiking. As we know Canada is famous for having more national parks and for hiking trails in the country. Where most Canadians prefer hiking as their free time leisure activity and they also a font of camping too. Usually, people do hike on weekends with their family and friends they just find nearest trails to hiking. For doing hiking one needs to just pack food, water, and mosquito or bug spray to prevent mosquito bites. Furthermore, hiking is free of cost on national parks trails which funded and maintained by the government or if you want to spend two to six-day on different hiking location than you can enroll in the organization which is chargeable. The major advantage of hiking is good exercising activity for the body and reduce stress level and improve mood and enhance mental wellbeing.

Secondly, it decreases the risk of heart diseases and maintains blood pressure and lowers body fat. Thirdly, one can also explore nature by observing different type of plants and joining the hiking community will encourage to get interaction with other people which make you more socialize.

Hiking at a high altitude can cause nausea, headaches, fatigue, and light-headedness and when you walk on the uneven or harder surface which gives pain to aches. Another drawback of hiking in safety however, everyone knows hiking comes with hiking at a high altitude can cause nausea, headaches, fatigue, and light-headedness. One of the best solutions if I am a programmer of hiking organizer, I will provide the best comfort hiking shoes for hikers to reduce their pain and second, I will also give maps and place proper signboards on the trail that everyone gets proper direction which protects them from being lost.

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