The Irony Behind the Political Cartoon of Henry Payne

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On December 27, 2011, Henry Payne’s political cartoon was posted on the cartoon section of www, The cartoon uses the classic cartoon relationship between Elmer Fudd and his prey, Bugs Bunny. In the well-known television cartoon, Elmer hunts Bugs Bunny, a rabbit, but is consistently outsmarted by his prey and falls into a personal injury at his ignorance of the rabbit’s cunning behavior, despite all his efforts. The irony of this ion is used by the political cartoonist to explain the readership between President Obama and the Republican Party.

It relies on the familiarity of the audience with the cartoon for understanding. The character of Elmer Fudd is labeled “GOP.” This indicates that he represents the Republicans, The mailbox above the rabbit hole he is aiming into is labeled Bugs Oban lear reference to the fact that Obama is represented as a rabbit, The fact that “Elmer’s” gun is aiming into one hol,e and emerging from another but aiming at himself suggests the cartoonist’s point: that the GOP is being tricked in all of its efforts to bring down Obama and only damaging itself in the long run.

| find this cartoon to be particularly ingenious because it relied on irony a common staple of American media to deliver a point. The Bugs Bunny cartoon is something almost everyone is familiar with and causes one to ponder the relationship between two characters to receive the message. It makes the message much more obvious to viewers, The idea of using well-knawn and laved characters provokes interest in the subject matter as well.

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People would enjoy the analogy between Bugs Bunny and Barack Obama. 1like the cartoon for these reasons.

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