Global Warming Cartoon Analysis

The man holding the sign cannot conclude the effects of climate change just by looking at the climate over a short time span. One heavy snowstorm is not enough evidence to conclude the effects of climate change. It is saying that scientists trying to prove global warming do not research thoroughly enough and often change their point of view. My reaction to this cartoon is that I disagree with the cartoon that we still do not know the effects of global warming.

Numerous scientists have found substantial scientific evidence of the correlation of carbon dioxide and global arming.

Although the effects of climate change cannot be concluded with the methods that the man holding the sign used, scientific experiments can use methods that take trends into account, making it much more accurate than just looking at the weather over a short period of time. An NBC article by Linda Carroll cites many credible sources of how human caused global warming is real.

By comparing today’s climate to another similar ancient event, scientists concluded that global warming is real, and we need to do something about it.

Global Warming Effects Cartoon

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Global Warming Cartoon
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