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Global Warming Is Inevitable Paper

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Global warming has perhaps become the most complicate issue facing by the world’s leaders as well as the public. To some extent agree that global warming is inevitable no matter what we do. It is not a result of one or two day’s activity but is the consequence Of addition Of the greenhouse gases, since the time of industrialization. Scientific evidence indicates that since 1950, the world’s climate has been warming and now, it has reached such a point where it may not be possible to instantly control the rate at which the temperature is rising.

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Indeed, the researchers say that globally averaged air temperatures would still rise one degree Fahrenheit by the year 2100, even if no more greenhouse gases were added to the atmosphere. However, scientists are working to bring our solutions for this ever increasing problem and it is also predicted that if we significantly reduce the pollution by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases or filtering the emission before releasing it in the atmosphere, controlling the use of bio-products and fuels, it is possible to reduce the rate at which it is proceeding.

Groups of industrial powers, at he Earth Summit, have regarded to a goal of reducing the emission fifty percent by 2050. In many places, vehicles running by fuel have been replaced by the electric ones,and the use of solar panel has increased significantly. The Cuff’s used in refrigerators and air-conditioners have been replaced by environment friendly products. People worldwide have become concerns and many awareness programs regarding global warming are being conducted regarding global warming-Even if it will take hundreds of years to bring about the change,people are committed towards it and hope that some day it will be n control.

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Global Warming Is Inevitable

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