Political Cartoon: Romney vs Gingrich

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On December 28, 2011, Henty Payne produced a political cartoon posted on townhall.com about the recent presidential candidate campaign between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, In the cartoon the artist uses the images of two boxers, one representing Mitt Romney and the other Gingrich, to show the conflict between the two candidates, He suggests that Romney is leading by the confidant expression on the much larger Romney cartoon compared to the worried expression of Gingrich. The speech bubble phrase “ah, jeez, the mitts are off” is a play on words by the author on Romney’s name (Mit) but further emphasizes that Gingrich is worried by his opponent’s advances.

On Romney’s oversized fists are the words “attack” ads.

These two words suggest the author’s take on Romney’s wo campaigning strategies against Gingrich: attacking him verbally and producing ads to persuade voters against his opponent. In general, the author believes that Romney is better off in his current standing in the election process than Newt Gingrich.

This cartoon is a clever and witty representation of a political opinion dealing with the election, The competition of the election symbolized through the boxing ring setting is an especially good example of the cartoonist’s clever expression of opinion. The play and Romney’s name are also wity. This cartoon motivates me to find out what ads Romney has launched against Gingrich and why Newt is doing so poorly in the election, ‘The information that the cartoon conveys to give me this motivation means that it was well done and accomplishes the purpose.

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It 1marously comments on the more serious topic of the election, | I like the cartoon, for this reason, It arouses my curiosity about the current electoral proceedings.

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