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The primary performer of this show is an American but his blood and ancestry can be traced back to Indian parents. Most of his songs including the show are full of Indian influence.

As from the beats and the ones I saw from John Coltrane, it was not an indication of death. I see it as an immortality performance. The people who were attending it live-live did not cry and there was no trace of death which is why I was UNable to say the performance is mortal.

In the music, I saw acts of continuity and life.

The performance shows the purpose of faith. John coltan and co looked responsible. The music is fluted in a smooth rhyme. The tones look to set the listeners to cry. Listening to it activated my faith a lot. I felt as if the god is near sitting beside me. It is recited while the listeners and audience kept quiet depicting that they are in the same truck.

They seem to absorb all the meaning behind the music.

The importance of the performance is that it made me feel alive. After listening to it I felt as if all my problems in these worlds were solved. It motivates and does not leave anyone behind. I downloaded the music and had to listen to it when it was bedtime, during the time I was listening to it I was moved a lot, at some point I wept but it was not because the music was mortal but because most of my life problems rose in that same time and I had to analyze them in association with the music.

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Some of the music tones got a permanent place within me and I will live to remember them for eternity.

The performers look humble which means that there was no pride in singing it. Another value it portrayed was sympathy. I felt as if I was in someone’s life. It is also interesting because as I listened to it I felt fresh and I did not want it to end. It was respectable from the look that is the performers were dressing decently started listening to it when I was doing week five, I show it very interesting and I kept listening to it to date.

The representation is intangible. The meaning is just perceived and understood by listening to the tones and interpreting them in our way. The actor spoke little but the meaning behind the music was enough to challenge one’s own beliefs. Seeing the actions and the moods of the performers I was able to bring my own words to it.

The idea behind the music was the inspiration mixed with the culture of Indians. Before going to the profile of the performer how the tones and beats are echoed showed that the person is likely to be from the Indian sub-continent. The instruments they use resembled the ones used by Indians today. You know am a fan of Indian music, at first sight, I knew that John was from that famous nation. Even in today’s Indian songs, most of them used to be more of a musician than words.

In the later part of the actions, words were spoken. The actors have begun moving and showing up some styles which are likely of Indian heritage.

Finally, the music was so motivating showing the representation of ideas and cultures of two nations that is Americans and Indians. The significant part of it was the inspiration listeners got from it. Its outstanding values was humility, courage, faith, and hard work. The ideas were intangible and the music was of Indian socio-cultural heritage.

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