The Vampire Diaries - My Favourite TV Show

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Witches, Hybrids, Vampires, Werewolves and The Originals this is just some of the reasons why The Vampire Diaries(Tvd) is my fav tv show, Tvd starts off in the town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. With the population of 6,923, the town is home to all supernatural creatures including witches, vampires, werewolves, hybrids and the founding families also known as humans. The show timelines cover the founding families of Mystic Falls. And some of the founding families were part of the supernatural community.

The Vampire Diaries is based on the books, but in my opinion, the tv show is way better than the books. Two vampires move back to their hometown called Mystic Fall, Virginia. The two vampires are brothers that have been holding a tremendous grudge against one another for hundreds of years. The tv shows give details about humans and vampire’s lives. Showing that vampires can live among the society, with nothing happening to them. This TV series is 8 seasons long filled with lots of drama and actions.

The tv show has enough drama and action to make the 8 seasons of the show very interesting.

The Originals

One of the reasons why Tvd is my favourite tv show is because of The Originals. The Originals are the first vampires ever in history, making them immortal and the strongest of them all. The Originals consist of Mikael, Finn, Elijah, Klaus, Kol, and Rebekah. Klaus is the only hybrid out of all of them. Being the oldest vampires in the world, The Originals are legendary throughout the supernatural world, especially amongst witches and vampires due to the fact that they have walked the Earth for over a thousand years.

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Nobody being able to kill you would be very nice because you would live to see everything, but at the same time, you would see so many people die.

Another reason why the original vampires are my favourite is because Klaus came up with the idea of just staking his siblings if they got annoying or were in the way of his plans, so Klaus just would stake his siblings and then put them in a box. Knowing that they would only come back if you pulled the stake out he left them in a box until he needed them. Being able to do that to my siblings when they got annoying would be pretty nice but my luck I would be dead already.


Another reason why Vampire Diaries is my favourite show is because of the characters. The original vampires did draw me into the show but also some of the other characters did like Elena, Damon, Stefan, Bonnie, Matt, Tyler, Caroline and of course the original vampires.

How the characters relate to the world and how they are played drew me into the show. With all the action that happens and all the drama, it seems like it’s real but it’s really not. The first season of the show seems like it can be real because all of the stuff that happens at school happens in real life. The reason I really like this show is because they give all of the characters suck a good backstory making you known so much, and in my opinion some of the stuff in the books didn’t really go well and the shows version was better, for example In the books, Caroline dates Stefan when he first arrives in town, not Damon. In the show, Caroline dates Damon first not Stefan and I personally think it’s better that way. Also in the book, she becomes a werewolf instead of a vampire, and I think Caroline as a vampire on the show is better than her being a werewolf in the books.

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