Why Business Ethics Is a Crucial Subject in Every Organization

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Getting started business ethics is a very important subject we should keep it in our Organizations today, people talk about ethics, and they worship ethics as the main driving force for the success of their business. Businesses around the world follow ethical standards set by their own parent companies and also follow the ones set by their government. Below is a comparison between two articles showing what we can do and what we should avoid.

An Educated Citizenry

In this article it shows us what we have to do and what we have to avoid to make our economy gets better, and to keep our country leading the world as it was.

What we have to do:

  • Building a stronger generation can lead the country and the world in the future
  • Concern about our country and support it more than thinking about the profit
  • Reward everybody who work hard
  • Support our society and our economy
  • Opening new market and business to increase jobs opportunities

What we should avoid:

  • Sending our companies to other countries and cutting thousands of jobs
  • Not to consider our self’s part of the society and community
  • Losing a lot of jobs could delay the economy to get better for more years than we think.

I learned from this article that we have to make a plan for everything, if we want to be leading the world as we are, we had to build a good educated Generation, we have to be part of our society and community.

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Ethics in the Workplace

In this article it shows us how to use business ethics in work, and what’s the point of it and how it can be also used in our life, the article talk about what we can do to involve business ethics in companies or any corporation and what we can result for using it.

We can involve it by using the following steps:

  • Involve the business Ethics to be teaching in colleges and universities.
  • We should have training in the companies or corporations for the business Ethics.
  • We have to teach our self’s how to use the business ethics daily not only In work but in life too.

The result will be as following:

  • We will decrease our chances of losing customers and build a trust on the long term.
  • our chances for losing money will decrease 
  • our chances for devastating lawsuits will decrease 
  • our chances for negative publicity will decrease

I learned from this article that business Ethics is a very important thing for any company or organization to succeed, Ethics could be used also in life beside work, it’s a very important subject we have to teach it in colleges and universities, also we can use it on daily basics for the rest of ours.

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