Euthanasia Should Be a Case to Case Basis

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Euthanasia is a very controversial and hotly debated topic. I would assert that most people do not know that there are many different classifications of euthanasia and that the situations are all different, and that most people would have different feelings towards the different kinds of euthanasia. Involuntary active and passive euthanasia are always wrong, as they are murder. Autonomy is a highly valued right in America and it is never okay to decide to kill someone in a catatonic state if they have explicitly expressed that they do not wish to be taken off life support in such a situation.

Voluntary active euthanasia is a highly debated form of euthanasia; it is basically someone who wants to be euthanized with a lethal injection or the like Many are opposed to this option, but I think it is up to the person to decide if they want a swift death, assuming they go through the psychological counseling and evaluations first, Voluntary passive euthanasia is less debated, as it is basically the right of the person who decides, meaning that if they have expressed that they do not want to be hooked up to life support if catatonic or in a vegetative state.

They would rather have the plugged pulled and die, I think it is strange that this form of euthanasia is less debated than voluntary active euthanasia, because this form can cause the person to go through much more pain rather than lethally injecting them. People usually do not just die when you pull the plug; they have to suffocate to death or starve to death.

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They cannot always feel pain, but itjust seems less dignified. Two more forms of euthanasia are non—voluntary passive and active. This is basically a situation wherein the person has not expressed consent as to whether or not they would prefer to stay on life support, or they are unable to provide such consent, like in the case of an infant.

This situation is a lot more tricky because we are unable to know what the person would want, In the case of an adult, I think it is probably best to keep them on life support because we do not know what they would want, iiet better safe than sorry, The family may have an idea as to what they think their family member would want, but you can never be sure. Unless they have power of attorney, I think you should leave them on life support For an infant, however, it may be the more humane thing to do to euthanize the infant rather than making them live a very short and pained existence If a child is going to be functionally retarded and be in constant pain, I think it is crueler to make them experience such an existence. I do not think euthanasia will ever stop being a debated topic and I do not think you can ever simply outlaw it or simply make it legal. There are far too many shades of grey in situations where euthanasia is an option, I think each case needs to be approached on a case—by—case basis and every aspect of the situation needs to be reviewed before a conclusion can be made. Human lives are simply too complicated to have their fates decided by one law.

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