In defense of voluntary euthanasia

But because of the author’s use of pathos, the audience has felt great emotion towards him. In the next part of the article, Hook states how he can understand how his own personal experience could be cited as an argument against stricken patients to be gently eased out of their pain and life. Even though this is the case he goes on to say that he cannot agree with non-support of Euthanasia. Hook states two main reason in his article; “As an octogenarian, there is a reasonable likelihood that I may suffer another cardiovascular accident or worse.

” Basically the author cannot predict his future and would likely return t o the same state or worse that he was previously in. He would like to have the power to end life support and not have to deal with the pain and suffering anymore. This is an example of when the author uses the technique of logos. Another reason he supports euthanasia is because he wouldn’t like to put his family and friends through what they recently had to endure with him in the hospital.

This view shows how the author is aware of the pain and suffering that his family and friends will have to endure.

He would rather end his life, than make others worry about his situation all the time. Again at this point the author seems to use his intellect to sway the audience. There are instances of this when he uses intellectual vocabulary to explain his point.

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These arguments help the author support his view by giving direct examples of the negative points of not allowing Euthanasia. Later on in the article the author writes how he is mindful of the burdens placed on the community by not allowing euthanasia not being practiced. This point seems to be when the author uses extrinsic points to support his idea on this topic.

He does this to show how many valuable resources are used on people on life support. Again this is another use of logos. By the author showing that he is aware of the problems placed on the community, he appears to be intellectual with the community. He believes that a better use could be made of these resources to increase opportunities and qualities for others. This shows how Hook feels that valuable time and money are wasted keeping people alive who are enduring to him unneeded pain. This is another reason why Hook supports Euthanasia.

Again this is an important part of the article because it gives explanation to the author’s point of view. This is a very interesting point that the author makes because at some point he was one of the people that valuable money and time were spent on to keep alive. Although Hook’s article has relevance and states many strengths, I think he oversimplifies the process of Euthanasia. This is a very important flaw in his argument. By doing this I think he overlooks how big of a decision life and death really is. The article by Sidney Hook, concerning Euthanasia is very complicated.

Hook’s main purpose is to inform society on the dangers of not allowing Euthanasia. He does this by using the rhetorical appeals of ethos, logos and pathos. His views on the subject are quite surprising because of his personal situation. One would think that a person who was saved from ending his life-support, would not be in support of Euthanasia. Surprisingly the author not only supports the idea of Euthanasia but also gives many reasons why he is in support of the idea. Even though the author’s opinion is surprising, he does a good job of explaining why he supports his views.

His use of extrinsic proofs in the article can be explained to help his argument. Many supporters of Euthanasia consider these personal opinions of the author valid. Because of the author’s direct first experience of being on life support, his opinion is very valuable. Also because of his direct experience he is able to use vocabulary that deals directly with the subject. This allows him to have an informative tone throughout the article. Though this topic is very controversial, this article is good for swaying the views of some of its readers.

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In defense of voluntary euthanasia
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