Voluntary Euthanasia: A Person's Greatest Freedom

The right to die is the entitlement for an individual to commit suicide or undergo voluntary euthanasia. This right is often understood to mean that if a person with a terminal illness wants to end their suffering they should be allowed to, The question of who, if anyone, is allowed to choose life or death should be ones ownt Self ownership, religious rights, and stopping unbearable pain is why a person should be allowed to have the right to diet When someone has self ownership, they are exclusively in control of ones body, mind and life According to philosopher G.

A, Cohen, the concept of self ownership is that “each person enjoys, over himself and his powers, full and exclusive rights of control and use, and therefore owes no service or product to anyone else that he has not contracted to supply,” This means that someone with self ownership is in a content state, and is able to choose for themselves what is best and not best for them.

One’s body and one’s life are one’s own. Assisted suicide or voluntary euthanasia in certain religions is a grave sint According to the theology of the Roman Catholic Church, suicide is objectively a sin which violates the commandment “Thou shalt not killt” However the severity of that sin depends of the circumstances Yet on the other side, Hinduism accepts a man’s right to end one’s life through the non-violent practice of fasting to death, But this is only allowed to old age people who have no desire or ambition left, and no responsibilities remaining in their life.

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When someone has a terminal illness and has no desire to live, in their religion they deserve whether or not to choose to live or diet

When someone is in hopeless and unbearable pain, they should be able to choose to suffer through this pain or to die calmly around friends and family. A terminal illness is a disease that cannot be cured or treated. Most patients who want to have to right to undergo assisted suicide have a terminal illness‘ In the Netherlands, they legalized (2001) voluntary euthanasia for hopeless illnesses. With someone with a terminal illness, they are in constant pain and having the right to die stops that when they want to, The right to die is a human right that should be entitled to an individual who wants to have complete control of their body and mind, if the action has to coincide with religious freedoms, and if someone is in hopeless and unbearable pain, The only person to choose whether one dies or lives is themselves The greatest human freedom is to live, and die, according to one‘s desires and beliefs

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