The Health Risks of Tobacco Products in The Thesis Defense of Nicole Sparks

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Tobacco products are one of the most highly used and purchased items by a variety of different age groups today. For many years, consumers didn’t know whether tobacco products had any sorts of health risks or possible defects of any kind, until scientific research on Tobacco products went underway. The Thesis Defense of Nicole Sparks, for example, involved a series of experiments that only adds on to the over truth that chronic Tobacco use has an extraordinary amount of potential health risks; in this case, bone deterioration.

Sparks initiated her research utilizing Stem Cell research, particularly Stem Cells from humans, With those cells she was able to test a variety of known carcinogen’s or cancer causing chemicals with Tobacco products heavily contain. Within her research, Sparks discovered that Tobacco products contain over 4000 chemicals, at least 50 of them were known carcinogens.

Utilizing Bright field Microscopy, Sparks’ research consisted of Osteoblast production through stem cells, where she then treated several different batches with several different chemicals and recorded the Ostenblast production count after several days and compared and contrasted the different Petri dishes with her control, with had no Tobacco products at all.

She noticed that cells exposed to Tobacco products exhibited traits such as low bone formation, low mineral density and healing and repair inhibition. Many health risks and concerns present themselves in the presence of Tobacco use, evidence within this Thesis Defense is clearly shown that deterioration of bone as well as inhibition of early bone formation both are known effects that Tobacco use has on human bone development.

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