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The following example essay focuses on the Lisa Nicole Brennan-Jobs, daughter of Steve Jobs. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

If this book has become a best seller when the father of author John Doe ( “John Doe”) would mean? How many buyers have in reality for the illustrious father and not so much interested in the little-known daughter? And it is because belang rich, almost four hundred pages about the problems of the unloved daughter reading an eccentric nerds?

Lisa is the child of a high school relationship with hippie times in California.

Seventeen-year-old Steve (his parents were released immediately after his birth for adoption) and one year older, classmate Chrisann Brennan in early 1972 with each other, but never a solid pair. Pulling together for a while, has other partners, go away, living in communities, meet again. Steve throws his just begun studying, casual job at Atari, experimenting with alternative nutritional, medical and religious beliefs, travels to India around.

There are also drawn Chrisann, but with another. Although he is self-employed own way, it must hurt him deeply, not to be number one in Chrisann. So the friendship kriselt in front, while Steve makes itself in the young computer industry a name and 1976 with two friends founded the company Apple. Your model Apple II proposes a home computer on the brand new market. Here comes Chrisanns release, she was pregnant (it was once again contracted) extremely inconvenient. Steve is furious (finally have the mother or related before) denies his paternity from is against abortion and adoption release, but refused any help.

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Chrisann, left alone and living on odd jobs, brings her daughter on May 17, 1978 in a commune in Oregon to the world. Steve flies a for a few days to get involved in the naming. Apple’s next computer model to get a female name, and it will be the one proposing the Chrisann for her daughter. (Only decades later, the man will admit that “Lisa” but not as he had persistently claimed that stood for “Local Integrated Software Architecture”, but said his daughter.)

Steve Jobs’ strategy, any to assign responsibility for mother and child of itself ( “It’s not my child.”) drives strange flowers. He vilified publicly Chrisanns lifestyle, claims under oath to be infertile, the result of a DNA test doubts (94.1%!) And can be in December 1980 by the State of California to 500 US dollars monthly maintenance and social welfare payment condemn. Four days later, Apple is traded on the stock market – the enterprise value of 1.8 billion US dollars. So just poverty dominates the earliest memories of the four-year-billionaire little daughter. While mother and daughter live in a rented room, Steve runs the Porsche in front to show them his new swank villa – for Lisa an unintelligible building full of oversized rooms that the host incidentally will never enter, as we learn later.

Lisa’s childhood is affected by loud inner conflicts, each opposing poles, conflicting emotions. Not only her father is full of contradictions and transformations, an extreme exception personality that is loving hardly possible. Her mother has a problem, fragile character. Of financial difficulties and unstable acquaintances driven to despair, it fails in its efforts to be a good mother Lisa, just to realize how in her dreams as an artist. When Lisa in puberty any help is rebellious, refused challenged with make-up and clothes, she is helpless. escalate the dispute to Lisa her mother (repentance, having given birth to the girl, suicidal thoughts) can not face the outbreaks and runs away.

1991 Steve Jobs Laurene Powell married, with whom he gets to 1998, three children , Lisa must in this luxury household often be a guest, even if they burden there guilt of having left their mother in her depressed state down. At the same time she feels treated as Cinderella and deeply lonely in the family. One you do not say good night again. Or was oversensitive? Cherished them to high expectations? It is little wonder that the step-mother the picture that Lisa now published her biography of Steve Jobs as a husband and father decided denies. After all, she admitted Lisa over even a “We are simply cold people.” So Lisa finally finds nowhere orientation, not peace of mind.

In her autobiography, she struggles to draw a picture of her prominent father that their deeply personal experiences rather conveys dreary nature, but to also identify its qualities even those who remained hard to see for themselves. From their own perspective and that of many other people, a lot of color, sometimes paradoxical portrait is composed. That he could be show a winning character, charming, a gifted presenter of its products as its own, was then was abruptly cold dish out, almost viciously again illustrates his daughter in innumerable instances.

My adult life has Lisa Brennan -Jobs otherwise independently and successfully managed (away from the spotlight). She worked in finance, lived in the UK and Italy, published articles in literary magazines. My clever book is linguistically at a good level and provides convincing their effort, writing finally win without hatreds clarity, better understand the torn nature of the Father, to forgive him at the end, if possible, and to obtain for themselves a clear head. The huge print runs, however, are owed certainly boost the aid of the world’s brilliant name – and to catch the curiosity of the public, a few glances through the keyhole. Of these, one ( “Twenty-eight percent of the male population of the United States could be the father.”) Gets enough (pupt of Papa) between Trivia and tragedy.

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