The Different Sides of Using Religion as a Basis for Motivation

I think when it comes to the question of whether it is wise to use religion as a basis for motivation of ourselves and others has two separate answers. For ourselves yes, but for us to motivate other, no. Motivating ourselves with religion is something that I think can be very helpful. in your essay you made a very strong point for the idea of religious motivation. Normally you belong to a religion because you agree with the moral values it represents.

If you use the religion to help you stay in line with these morals and archive your goals, then it is a great idea. The time I think that religious motivation can be bad is if you are motivated by fear. This is negative and thus I believe does not have a good effect on you as a person. That is the reason why I disagree with using one‘s own religion to motivate others. When it comes to motiving other, I think using your own religion as a motivation to other is not right, especially if it is in a negative way and kind of silly.

The reason behind it being wrong is that if you are saying that a person while be punished if they do not practice your religion or they practice it a different way, it is not motivating at. An example of this could be Anne Hutchinson, while she practiced they some religion as those who took her to court, they did not like the way she practiced.

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The court even using the religion against her saying, “Winthrop could see no rule of God for this”.  The motivation of threatening her with their religion did not work. She didn’t care and when she was exiled there was even a group of people that went with her. This suggesting that using religion as motivation of other people is not wise, To address the other question, you pointed out i think that it would be hard to find motivation in the times of the 16m and 17’“ centuries because their whole society revolved around it. The other thing that could have motivated the people of this time was money or success. This could be seen in that Eliza was motivated to learn more because she wanted to have successful plantations. People were motived to go to war, for both god, but also if they won they would be a success. So, I think that one of the only other things that motived people in the 16″ and 17’” centuries would have been money and success.


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