The Two Sides of the Debate Regarding Payment of College Athletes

Should College Athletes Be Paid?

College athletes dedicate their college careers to being in engaged in their academics and in their sports. So, should college athletes be paid? Some would say that college athletes should not be paid considering that they are in college and participating in spirts is something that they decided to do. On the other hand, some would day that college students should be paid considering that they are dedicating their time to education and sports; therefore, they should be rewarded.

While both of those perspectives are important, it is also important to think of the college athletes and how they might feel about it. It is uncommon that one might turn down money for doing what they love, but there could be a case where a college athlete might believe that they should not be paid. On the other hand, some college athletes may believe that they should be paid because they are dedicating a good amount of their time to academics and sports.

These athletes may believe that they should be rewarded for a balancing their schedules to succeed as a well-rounded student. So, do college athletes deserve to be paid?

It is commonly thought that college athletes essentially have a “job” at their education institutions and that they should be paid for dedicating their times and services. In the article, “Should College Athletes Be Paid or Not,” the author discusses the opinions and discusses of the experiences of current and past college athletes and explores their thoughts on whether they should be paid.

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The author states, “While their tuition is paid, college athletes cannot hold down a regular job as most students their age and neither their busy schedules with numerous practices and games nor the National Collegiate Athletic Association will allow them to work” (Should College Athletes Be Paid or Not). So, are college athletes at a disadvantage? Is it fair that others students who are their age can work, but there are certain standards and expectations college athletes are must adhere to that do not allow them to work? This perspective shares that they should be paid considering that they are not allowed to work considering the guidelines that are set for them. Technically, they are engaging in a work environment, so shouldn’t they be paid?

The other side of this debate believes that college athletes should not be paid to participate in college athletics considering that they made the choice to participate. Joe Nocera and Bob Williams both agree that “if schools had to pay football and men’s basketball players, they might not be able to afford athletic programs that don’t make as much money such as track or lacrosse” (Nocera and Williams). These authors both agree that paying college athletes may take away from other sports that don’t receive as much funding like sports that are more common might receive. Therefore, paying college athletes might make other sports less important in as sense. If certain college athletes are being paid, shouldn’t all current college athletes be paid? If college athletes were to be paid, they would receive a new representation across campuses and worldwide.

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