The Decisions We Make on a Daily Basis

Influenced by core values that we’re taught as a kid and grow up with. Growing up we have parents/guardians, teachers, religious leaders, public figures, and even fictional characters to help guide us right from wrong. Everyone has their own set of values they go by that help them go through life and decide how they go about situations and come up with conclusions. Although we are individuals, we form a society that can share some of the same beliefs and values, without bumping heads but makes the world a better place.

Happiness is one of those values that are share amongst each other, everyone wants it some who will do anything for it.

Happiness is not something that forms overnight but something you build towards, and only you yourself can make you happy not other people or material things, they may help but it isn’t guaranteed you’ll be happy in the end, but have to find it within yourself where your happiness comes from.

Good example is the movie “Pursuit of Happiness” based off a true story, portrays a man trying to be successful but at the same time is trying to find happiness, he goes through most of his life trying to be an inventor, which doesn’t turn out well for a good chunk of his life, and he struggles with bills, family and work. He ultimately perseveres and becomes successful finding out that happiness comes from you and what you make out of your situation, he’d been through so much and could’ve easily given up but chose not to.

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With the help of events throughout his life that tested his faith and led him to where he is now he’s not only very successful but found his happiness. Self-respect is something that I feel is more of a problem among youth and young adults today because of social media, beauty standards between males and females, and having a certain status.

As social media develops so does our need for encouraging and promoting more self-esteem which brings fourth self-respect, not to say social media is bad, it can contribute a lot of helpful resources and good for catching up with people, but with the good you have some bad. If you don’t personally love yourself or see yourself as something valuable, you think no one else could feel that way or see you as more than you see yourself, and trying to look up to “Instagram models” doesn’t help. This is sadly why we see so many suicides today than ever before, people are trying to live up to unrealistic standards or paint this unrealistic picture of life to find out that’s not how things work, and get discouraged about themselves and their situation that and/or being bullied by someone who is dealing with self-esteem themselves. Which can be tied back into happiness and why people are being misled to what brings about happiness, it’s not a looking artificial, money, fame, or popularity but you finding yourself and coming into who you are, and what your purpose is.

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