Euthanasia Should Be Legalized in the United States

Euthanasia is a painless killing of a patient with an incurable and/or painful disease, The use of euthanasia has been very controversial, some say it’s beneficial and some say it’s inhumane. Although some may disagree. euthanasia should be legalized as it permits people to die with dignity.

prevents the suffering of patients with terminal illnesses, and provides the patient with the right to choose when to undergo euthanasia Euthanasia is extremely beneficial to society and allows people to die with dignity. Many people want to die a hero’s death and not seem weak: “If a man or woman only has months to live and do not wish to appear sick and weak when the day comes, euthanasia can make this possible without inflicting more pain” (FutureofWorkingcom) People with terminal illnesses are already enduring a lot of pain and being seen as weak may bring more pain to that individual, by using euthanasia, it would prevent more pain to be inflicted on the individual.

Doing this is the most humane thing to do, when you see someone suffering you should be obligated to do something, to prevent them from suffering even more. In addition, People have been debating the use of euthanasia and it ltas many impacts on how the individual wants to be viewed: “,.. a sick person dies with dignity and still be as hattdsome or beautiful as he or site used to be during his or her days without the ailment” (FutureoIWorkingcom) Many people suffer from all sorts of illnesses and as people, we are obligated to help them Especially people that have a terminal illness, they know they are going to die, some of them don’t want to seem weak and vulnerable.

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In cottclusion, through the use of euthanasia, we are able to help prevent patients from suffering Many people suffer from illness and they ettdure a lot of pain, in order to prevent them from suffering.

We must take action and use euthanasia Many individuals die an extremely painful death and the use of euthanasia could prevent all of that. In addition. there are many pain medications that have extremely painful side effects. If someone is really not moving or incapable of doing anything, “It is not as if they are really ‘living’ during this time; they are merely waiting to die” (FutureofWorkingcom) Ending an individual’s life should be the most humane thing to do, especially if you seeing them lying down on the bed slowly dying. This doesn’tjust affect the patient, but also the patient’s family. These family members will be watching their family member slowly dying, day by day. Without using euthanasia, you would just be inflicting more pain on the patient, they are slowly dying and can‘t do anything about it. In addition, the use of euthanasia has become a large movement“! have long favored legalizing physician»assisted dying for terminally ill patients whose suffering cannot be relieved in any other way. and l was the first of the original fourteen petitioners to put the Massachusetts Death with Dignity Act on the ballot in November” (Procontorg)

Euthanasia is used for patients that are suffering and is extremely beneficial because it used to prevent a patient from suffering. In addition, the medical team is obligated to help someone if they are undergoing a lot of pain. In conclusion, the use of euthanasia is also beneficial because you are allowed when you want to undergo it. Although some may disagree. the patient has the right to decide whether or not they want to undergo euthanasia Euthanasia has become extremely controversial and some people don’t even know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Furthermore, euthanasia on a patient is quite beneficial because in order to undergo euthanasia you need approval from two parties, your family and the doctors. (DebateWise). Although some people may view euthanasia as murder, it isn‘t because euthanasia requires approval from a medical and family perspective.

By doing this the use of euthanasia is very difficult, so this isn’t easy murder. In addition. some may view that the use of euthanasia goes against human ethicst ( Although some may disagree, with if you see someone laying down in a painful state, wouldn‘t you end their life because you don’t want to see them suffer? We as citizens have obligations to help the people in need, wouldn’t using euthanasia help these patients. In conclusion, euthanasia has become beneficial and helped the ones in need of help. Euthanasia has been used more many purposes and is also illegal in many states Some people say euthanasia helps us and some say that it’s our end. Even though some may view euthanasia as illegal, it isn’t as it permits people to die with dignity, prevents the suffering of patients with terminal illnesses, and provides the right to choose when to undergo euthanasia.

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