Buddhist funerals

Funerals vary from culture to culture; some are simple and quite, whilst others are loud including party’s, celebrating life and death. However for Buddhist a funeral is usually a simple and private affair. There are many different types of Buddhist communities, and each one holds a different type of funeral, from a cremation, to a Read More

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The first Disciples and Christians to day

The word disciple comes from the Latin word discipulus, which means learner. Disciple also means follower. The first disciples were chosen to follow Jesus and to learn from him. The original disciples were the twelve apostles or messengers. They represent the twelve tribes of Israel who were chosen to go out into the New Israel Read More

The Catholic teaching

The Catholic teaching on wealth and poverty aims to teach people about the responsibilities of the rich, to the needs of the poor. The Old Testament teaches that no one has power over anybody. In old testament times the gap between the rich and poor was increasing and people forgot about god’s teaching, Isaiah stated Read More


A synagogue will look like any other building from the outside – the only sign you might get from the outside is the star of David which is called magen David in the Hebrew tongue. There may also be a sign outside stating the name of the synagogue. There are many names for a synagogue Read More

The Childhood of Jesus

A lot of Jesus’ childhood is unrecorded and unknown, but many people have their beliefs of what it was like. It may have been full of hardships or full of joy no one really knows. No one really knows who he befriended over his years as a child. Did kids back then like him? I Read More