Are African-American ‘stars’ in any way representative of African-Americans generally

In this essay I am going to be writing an account about the representations of African American ‘stars’ being representative of African Americans generally, and from there drawing conclusions about whether one ‘star’ can be representative of a whole culture. I will be using the key concepts, which underpin Media Studies of Language, Ideology, Audience, Read More

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Induction to Media Practice

As a part of Media and Communications study, the Induction to Media Practice Course is production-based, allowing students to graduate from the programme with a portfolio to present to potential employers in the future. The course includes journalism, Television, Photography, Radio, Illustration, Scriptwriting with Prose Writing and Animation. Among those courses, Television and journalism interest Read More

ICT technologies

Brent is a multicultural area with over 100 languages spoken in an area of 4325 hectares and with a population of 263464 people. It has an average rating of the percentage of adults in jobs, over a 1/4 of the population of Brent own their houses with a mortgage or loan, a minority of 10% Read More

Documentary genre of media

For my practical project, as part of a four piece group we have decided to focus upon a documentary genre of media. After much discussion, debate and consideration we collectively came up with the idea of ‘popularity’ to be the key idea behind our project and thus the starting point of our ideas, issues and Read More

Religion and wealth and poverty

A) The need for world development The world can be divided by a line into two halves, north and south. North of the line contains the richer, developed countries, and to the south, the less developed poorer countries. Only 25% of the world’s people live in the north but have 80% of the world’s money. Read More

Religious Programmes

There are a number of Religious Programmes of different varieties from magazine discussion programmes to comedy shows. Nevertheless, right at the beginning Religious Broadcasts were only aimed at people that regularly attended Church and accepted Christian beliefs. This was mainly because at the time Britain was not a multicultural society as it is today. There Read More

Religion and the Media Essay

Media is the foundation of communication, knowledge, news, and entertainment. It influences our lives in many different ways that cannot be imagined. Media is based on what we see on the television and how we corporate it into our lives, daily. Media is considered to play important roles in people’s lives as it expands the Read More