Comparison between tabloid and broadsheet newspapers

The two articles are both about youth culture committing crimes, which are shown in statistics, pictures, text, bullet points and headlines. They give information on the crimes being committed (e. g. how many percent carry knifes). One article comes from The Guardian (broadsheet) and The Mirror (tabloid) The broadsheet shows an impartial view of the Read More

Has Media technology reached it’s peak

Has media technology reached its peak? Surely the question is ‘Has Humanity reached its peak? ‘ From the beginning of time, Humans have found new ways to entertain ourselves. Whether it was theatre, ritual dances, or just a sing-along, Humans have entertained one another and I doubt we’ve reached the pinnacle of what humans can Read More

Elite Persons in the News

The media in particular newspapers, are in a powerful position when it comes to the presentation of elite persons. Depending on a papers stand point on a subject they can be both promoted to all reading it or singled out within the media to everyone as a national villain. With the power possessed by the Read More


The BBC is a public service. The BBC (British Broadcasting Company) gets most of its funding from the licence fee which every house hold that owns a TV in Britain has to pay; the conditions that the BBC have to follow are that it has to do at least one of these entertain, educate and/or Read More

Media texts that have changed the world

11th September 2001, a day to remember for all nations of the world, for grief or happiness depending on your relationship with the USA. Four American civilian aeroplanes were hijacked by terrorists and were crashed into the twin towers of the world trade centre, the Pentagon and one was crashed in Pennsylvania (en route to Read More

How does News At Ten present the events of the day

In this essay an analysis will be made of a news program that was shown on Thursday 10th January 2002, and the way the news programme has become a source of entertainment instead of being an informative, serious programme. ITN produces ‘News At Ten’ but it also controls the news programmes on Channel Four and Read More