The purpose of this paper is to present the inadequacies of IPv4 and the improvements made by implementing IPv6

First, I will cover IPv4. IPv4 was implemented in the late 1980’s. Therefore, IPv4 is dated technology. Before the internet explosion, IPv4 was a more than adequate solution to unique internet addressing. However, as the internet grew, and as networks and IP devices expanded and became more popular, it was apparent that a new solution Read More

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Precise analysis about The legal or illegal utilization of Internet cookies

Increasingly, dependencies to the Internet and online shopping are being placed among People. Every wise business man can quickly realize this opportunity and its profitable commercial potential. According to Gilbert (cited in Palmer 2005, paras 2-3), in recent years, Internet sales have grown incredibly, by 2002, 67 million American were buying their goods via internet. Read More

Is the Internet A Useful or Evil Tool

With it’s billions of pages that are available to anyone; I believe that the Internet is the most interesting and educational tool available today. However it has its advantages and its disadvantages, which I am going to examine in the course of this piece of work. The Internet was set-up by the Pentagon in 1957 Read More

Law relating to the Internet

The Internet is a large network, a global connection of many computer networks and single computers connected together to share information. It was originally designed and developed by a US defence organisation and has now grown into a worldwide network of networks. The main problem people see with the internet is that it is not Read More

ICT in the Wide World Web

Life has changed in a major way, compared to life in the olden days. Computers and the internet have been invented and are a huge helpful source to organize things, communicate with other people all around the world, and to make things easier for us. Many people use ICT daily, because it is technology and Read More

Covenant House

Communication environments for non-profit orgs have changed dramatically since the Internet became widely used. Covenant House is a privately funded childcare agency that provides shelter and services to homeless and runaway youth. They do work in the US, Canada, and Latin America to help stop child labor and prostitution and to pass legislation that protects Read More

Discussing the Internet

Here I discuss, the most mind blasting, and endless medium that touches the hearts of so many million people-“INTERNET”; the two sides of this coin, its boons and its banes. Is internet a boon or a bane for me? I don’t really know. But I am sure it is not any one of it. Maybe Read More

The Internet will disappoint its wilder advocates

The internet brought huge expectations and radical ideas when it was introduced. In this report there are balanced arguments for and against the motion. Furthermore there are a range of different viewpoints, the users and the organization, which will identify different positive and negative angles to this debate. Finally a conclusion will address the different Read More

The power of the Internet

1) Although some people may not be aware of the power the Internet holds upon us, it is essential that all users are aware of the dangers which lurk beyond the flashing text and fancy web pages. The term ‘WWW’ means ‘World Wide Web’ which is literally what the Internet is, as it is a Read More