Buying a PC

XPS 630 Desktop is not portable; it’s a desktop which you could use at home or office. There are many advantages in buying this PC for example if you buy this PC online you could get it at a price of $2299, which I think is a much better price than the actual price which Read More

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Manufacturing strategy the Dell direct way

” First it is about satisfying and where possible delighting a customer. Second it is about making the best use of resources, and to leverage these resources either alone or with partners. Third, it is about developing capabilities within operations which are superior to other competitors and which other competitors either cannot copy or will Read More

Important trends in Softwire communication

Computers are found in basically every large business around the world, this is because it helps business’s become more effective and efficient. One of the main factors that help business’s become more effective and efficient includes communication. Computers allow employees and business’s to communicate in a far more effective way, including file sharing, hardware and Read More

Interaction via computers undermines social order

This essay will discuss the notion that interaction via computers undermines social order. This is a highly relevant topic in modern society as computer mediated communication (CMC) via the internet, e-mail, and instant messaging becomes increasingly widespread as a cheap and effective means of interaction. There is a variety of research which investigates the consequences Read More

Back Error Propagation Simulator

In this report I shall use BPS (Back Error Propagation Simulator), this program stimulates a multi layer neural network using back error propagation as a learning algorithm. I will use BPS to create two multi-layer perceptron networks, which once completed and trained shall attempt to recognise five characters formed on a 5 x 5 pixel Read More

Computer Crime – Hacking

Section 1: A brief description of the issue I have chosen to study, in particular indicating how my area of interest has changed since the project proposal, either because the actual issue has evolved since the initial proposal, or as a result of tutor feedback, or as a result of your research. Hacking involves using Read More

The use of computers in the professional world

The computer age has come to be the answer to the quest of the paperless office in the modern world. Many professionals are required to have a literacy of some level of the computer packages that institutions and companies have. Even the small time briefcase salesperson or entrepreneur use computer packages and software for their Read More