East Down Sports Company

‘East Down Sports Company’ specialises in sports and leisure clothing as well as sports and casual footwear. These products are available at knock down prices and can be viewed in the company’s catalogue which is distributed to all its customers. Once the customer has decided on the product(s) that they desire, they send the order Read More

Philip Morris Case

A grand strategy is a comprehensive approach for achieving goals of an organization. Of the three basic strategies within this concept, Philip Morris is poised to follow the growth strategy. By investing in companies such as Miller Brewing Company and Seven Up, they have decided to focus on increasing sales and profits of the organization Read More

Boots: Functional Areas

Boots plc has lots of different departments. These departments include a place to manage accounts, a place to order the raw materials and a place to manufacture the products. Other departments in the business could be marketing, research and development and Admin and ICT. If the business were a sole trader, the person who owns Read More

A Place Called Miller Time

In this advertisement, the Miller Company is trying to appeal to the most basic of human desires — sex. Sexuality is one of the most common themes in advertisement. As they say, “sex sells. ” The first thing that catches the reader’s eye in the ad is a woman’s undergarments. This helps keep the consumer Read More

Cadbury World

William was the second son of Richard Cadbury, who, with his younger brother George, started the manufacture of chocolate under the Cadbury name. He came from a family with strong Quaker traditions, which influenced his whole life. Cadbury Schweppes is a major global company in beverages and confectionery, which manufactures, markets and distributes its branded Read More

Report on O2

Introduction I was asked to investigate what marketing is all about. In order for me to do this effectively I will need to explain how a company satisfies actual and potential needs, the company in my case will be O2 a leading telecommunications company. I will describe how it tries to keep ahead of competition Read More

A Piece of the Real World

A Piece of the Real World It Is always nice to listen to accomplished people talk about their life, how they began, how they persevered, and how they came to where they are now. Such Is how I felt when I was listening to Mr. Dlosdado “Ding” Salvador while he talked In class. True, there Read More

History of Burberry

Is a manufacturer and marketer of men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, as well as accessories and fragrances. The Burberry name is virtually synonymous with the tan gabardine raincoat pioneered by the company more than 145 years ago. It all started In 1856 Thomas Burberry, a 21-year old draper’s apprentice. opened a small outfitter’s shop in Read More