Economic Impact of China

China’s economy has been the global standout as a beneficiary of globalisation. Chinese government reform in both macro and microeconomics has lead to the economy reaping many of the benefits of globalisation. Globalisation can be defined as the increased integration of the economies of the world, converging towards one global economy. The process of globalisation Read More

Democratic rights

Over the past century, China has undergone many changes in terms of power, economy, politics, prosperity and population. However, despite these changes that has occurred, the Chinese Government still refuse to give its people democratic rights. The arrival of Deng Xiaoping’s to power in the Chinese Communist Party has brought new private enterprise to China. Read More

Communist China

During this course I have been studying communist China. This piece of coursework will look at the Tiennaman square massacre. The events that lead to the massacre from both the student and governments perspectives. The world opinion today on the massacre and how all these views have changed over time. There are many different views Read More

Mao’s Hundred Flowers

In 1956 Mao Zedong started a campaign to allow more freedom within his communist regime in China. However in a year the campaign had been cancelled, and replaced by a ‘anti-rightist campaign’. Was this just a clever trap to allow Mao to see his critics? Or was it a genuine attempt to allow the Chinese Read More


Bajo de Masinloc[3] or Panatag Shoal[4] (Filipino: Kulumpol ng Panatag), is a shoal located between the Macclesfield Bank and Luzon Island of the Philippines In the South China Sea. It is a disputed territory claimed by the People’s Republic of China, Republic of China (Taiwan), and the Philippines. The shoal’s status Is often discussed in Read More

Social and Economic Problems of China

China is one of the biggest countries in the world and has the most number of people in a single country. Today, China is divided in to two regions, the main region which is People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China which is commonly known as Taiwan. China is one of the countries Read More

Social and Cultural development in China

Chinese society and culture development has been greatly influenced by the Confucian moral ethics, Shang dynasty oracle bone divination and daioist mysticism which lays the basis of their governance, religion and social life interaction in China. Unlike majority of the eastern communities which have greatly taken to the western cultures, Chinese people have developed their Read More

Chinese Business Culture

In accordance with our theories, it is necessary for Western exporters to learn about the Chinese business culture in order to be successful in marketing in China. There is an old Chinese proverb, “Enter village, follow customs”. The Chinese civilization has a long history and evidence shows that the way to get things done in Read More