Child Development Journal

Observation 1 Child A Setting In the classroom Age of child and year group 8 years old, year 4 Child A was in his form group and the lesson was Home Economics. All the children in the class were planning to make a salad. They were shown a list of food items on the board Read More

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The Truth Behind Lies: Song of the South

As a child of age six or seven, I remember watching the Disney classic Song of the South and thinking how wonderful it must be to live in Uncle Remus’ fantasy world; however, now after taking a second look at this film, twelve years later, I realize that if I were a part of that Read More

Research Project – the male perspective of miscarriage

A miscarriage or spontaneous abortion was described by Niven and Walker (1996) as a psychologically challenging for couples. It is the loss of the expected child (McCreight, 2004; Kimble, 1991; Murphy, 1998) for the period of pregnancy with the opportunity of hopes and dreams; and possibly, the disruption of relationship with one’s partner (Speckhard, 1997) Read More

Child Development essay

Child development can be defined as the psychological and biological changes that happen in children between birth and the end of adolescence (Minett 2001). Every child goes through a developmental process. Every child is unique and develops differently from all others. With the exception of identical twins, we all inherit our own particular genetic structure Read More

Plan’s Anti-Child Labour Program

1.0 Introduction Latin America is most urbanised of all the developing regions (Skinner and Steinberg, 2003). Urban poverty is different from that in rural areas, and as such has brought new challenges to international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) such as Plan International who have traditionally focused on rural settings. This paper will assess Plan’s Anti-Child Labour Read More

Operation Christmas Child

Samaritans Purse is a charity organisation who act in areas like Africa, Eastern Europe and The Former Soviet Union. Samaritans Purse is designed to help under priviledged people through the delivery of practical every day items and necessities. They came up with the idea of Operation Christmas Child. The idea of Operation Christmas Child is Read More

Child Study observation

To start with Zariya and I had to put on some aprons, tie up our long hair and wash our hands so that we were ready to bake. I found a chef’s hat in Zariya’s fancy dress box for her to wear. When she first put this on and looked in the mirror she said, Read More

Refugee Mother and Child

The poem “Refugee Mother and Child” is the representation of the universal theme, of mother and child and an example of the true and advanced works of Chinua Achebe. Chinua Achebe was born in the 1930’s, an African novelist and poet, who wrote the poem ” Refugee Mother and Child” after visiting people in countries Read More

Early childhood

Physical Development At 4 years a child walks or runs alone up and down stairs, one foot to step. Navigates self-locomotion skilfully, turning sharp corners, running pushing and pulling. Climbs ladders and trees. Can stand, walk, run and tiptoe. Sits with Knees crossed. Shows increasing skill in ball games throwing, catching, bouncing and kicking. Can Read More