Strong in Adversity

I was born a bastard (in the legal sense) on the 26th of April 1987, in Moscow while my father was in Canada as he was denied access into the country, however my mother and father did marry in Moscow in July 1988. I learnt when I was older that this was just the beginning Read More

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Paul’s Life-Long Journey

Paul was born in Tarsus, c. 5 A.D., which, today, is in south-central Turkey, approximately 12 miles from the Mediterranean coast. Tarsus was a prosperous city in the province of Cilicia and a part of the great Roman Empire. The city of Tarsus had fertile soil for agriculture and a prominent position at the south Read More

Stanley Kubrick as an auteur

He was born in NY at the end of 1920s. Although he was an intelligent child he did not get good grades at school. As a teenager he got interested of chess and photography. He used chess for training his intellectual skills and photographhy for his artistic characteristics. These two teenager hobbies are noticeable from Read More

Tupac Amaru Shakur

On June 16, 1971 Tupac Amaru Shakur was born in Brooklyn New York to a single mother, Afeni Shakur. In Cathy Scott’s article from the magazine George, she talks about Shakur starting to use poetry to escape the many troubles of New York’s tough streets (Scott 106). After time, he started changing his poems into Read More

Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger was a pioneering advocate for birth control in the United States, along with Asia and Europe, during the 20th century. In her autobiography, Margaret explains the many obstacles she had to overcome and what were her driving forces during her crusade for women’s rights throughout the early to mid 20th century. Margaret was Read More

Roderic O’Conor

Art is the creation of beautiful or significant things and throughout Ireland in the early 19th century, they were many artists that emerged and produced such art. Roderic O’Conor was a significant, famous individual who emerged out of Ireland as the most important Irish artist of the late 19th century. O’Conor was born in 1860 Read More

Albert William Lavender

My character’s name is called Albert William Lavender. He was born on 26/January/1894, at Hillingdon Heath, Middlesex. At the start of World War 1 he was at the age of 20. Before the war he was a butcher, he didn’t have a very good lifestyle with his family. His dad died before just after he Read More

Herbert George Wells

HG Wells was born in Bromley, Kent in 1866. He was an English writer, most famous today for his science fiction novels. He was a profilic writer of both fiction and non fiction but unfortunately died on the 13th of August 1946. He wrote many famous science fiction novels such as The War of The Read More

Nicholas Fraser and Marysa Navarro’s biography Evita

Nicholas Fraser and Marysa Navarro’s biography Evita is a cogent work that incorporates the childhood, acting career, political emergence, and subsequent adoration of the Argentine populace. Arguing that Evita’s underprivileged childhood is the explanatory variable for her future actions, goals, and ambitions, the authors assert that Evita shou7ldered the burden of Argentina’s poor workers, or Read More