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Anne Frank speech Paper

“Oh my god, thanks Mamma, thanks Papa. It’s lovely, I wanted a dairy’, exclaimed Anne. It was Anne Franks thirteenth birthday and her parents had gifted her a diary. “Finally I have something in which I can confide all my secret thoughts”, thought Anne. “Everyone misunderstands me, even my own family. Now, I can write everything in this diary, daily events, my thoughts, school grades and Oh, of course BOYS”, Anne considering. Next morning, when Anne woke she had a wonderful thought and ran downstairs to ask her mother. “Mamma, I want to give the diary you gave me for my birthday, a name.

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What should I name it? What about Kitty? ” asked Anne in great excitement. “Oh, that’s a sweet name, honey. If you like it, then name it Kitty’, Mamma said tiredly. “Papa, Papa should I name my diary, Kitty’ said Anne as soon as she saw her father come. “Anne, please can you ask me later. I have to talk to your Mamma about really important stuff. Go ask Marmot, where is she though”, Papa asked. “l think she’s still sleeping. Oh well, I’m going to name it Kitty’, approved Anne. The Frank family were all Jews living in German at the time of the Holocaust. Otto

Frank (Ann.’s father) soon started worrying about his family and what he will have to do to keep them safe. “Darling, situations are getting worse, day by day. I think the time has come were we start thinking up of an alternative plan, in case of an emergency’, Papa urged. Miss, yes, we should. You never know when things change for Jews. What have we done to the Germans that we are getting punished for”, Mamma whispered, half-hoping that situations will get better. “l will think up of something to save my family from the horrible Nazi’s”, Papa exclaimed and walked out of the room is frustration.

HI, Mamma”, Anne said after coming from school. “What are you making”, Anne said. “Marmot, Anne, look we, Jews have to wear the Star of David whenever we go outside. Under no circumstances can you take the Star off. It is the law. Do you understand me? ” Mamma instructed. “But Mamma, why do we have to wear them”, Marmot questioned. “We never had to wear the Star of David before. Why now? ” Anne added to Marmot’s question. “Well, you know how Hitler has overtaken Germany. He has made several new laws for Jews that we have to follow to keep everyone safe”,

Mamma explained sadly. “Not Just that, we have to hand in all our bicycles to the soldiers and policemen, we cannot travel in trains, we are forbidden to drive, we can only shop in Jewish stores from 3:app. M to 5:app. M, we must stay indoors after 8 o’clock… ” Mamma continued. “What!!! ” Marmot shouted. “Did we do something wrong”, Anne complained. “l don’t know, Just do what I tell you”, Mamma pleaded. Miss mamma”, Anne and Marmot said at the same time. The next day when Anne went to school, she got a lot of dirty looks from some of her whispered to Marmot.

No, idiot, they looking at us because were Jews”, Marmot replied. “Ooh, why is this happening”, Anne whined. Anne was a spunky teenager who had a lot of friends and got quite a lot of looks from guys at her school. After a while, Anne and Marmot were forced to leave their Dutch school, after Hitler occupied Holland (where the Frank family lived). The restrictions put on Jews were difficult but life wasn’t unbearable. The Franks tried to make the best of any situation. “Honey, Anne, Marmot, come downstairs, quick! ” Papa shouted. “What happened,

Papa”, Marmot asked impatiently. “We have to leave this house straight away. I have made up a plan. We are going to stay at my office. There is a secret room hidden behind a shelf. We can live there until things get better for Jews”, Papa said in hurry. “How long are we going to stay there”, Mamma asked. “Should I pack my school books”, Marmot questioned. “Is there a radio and what will we do there”, Anne queried. “No, No, No. We have to hurry; this isn’t the time for a chitchat. Pack whatever you can because I don’t know how long we might stay there”, Papa answered.

The secret annex wasn’t the best place but was still good enough. After arriving at the annex Papa told everyone that they weren’t the only people there. Mr. and Mrs. Van Dana and their son Peter, who is a few years old than Anne, are also hiding with them. •papa, how will we live here, there is nothing to do, nothing to play with. How can we stay here? ” Anne asked politely trying not to make her father sadder. “Anne, I know this is hard, but it is better than concentration camps where Jews are getting killed”, Papa replied. “Oh my, KILLED”, Anne shouted.

Shah”, Papa warned. “Sorry’, Anne said apologetically and went to her room. “HI”, Peter said to Anne. “HI”, Anne responded. “So you’re hiding too”, Peter inquired. Miss, we have to unless we want to go to a concentration camp where we are going to get killed”, Anne whispered and turned around not wanting to talk anymore. Luckily, the Franks had tons of reading material and a radio. Anne grows her knowledge in politics and literature, and puts tons of energy into studying and writing. At the same time, she grows further and further away from the other members of the Annex.

Later on, Anne comes to see Peter van Dana as much more than she first thought. Mirrored a very sensitive and caring person, Peter”, Anne told him. “Really!! You’re a really good friend. I can share all my feelings and thoughts without having to think what you will think about me”, Peter said. Mirror Just the same, Peter”, Anne replied. Felt like everyone hated her and becomes very sensitive to the suffering going on in the world. “l feel like I’m getting criticized every single moment of my life. It’s been 2 years, since we moved here. I can’t bear it anymore.

You know what, I believe that it loud be much better if my family and me had all died instead of living here. What kind of life is this! ” Anne shares her feelings with Peter. “l know it’s hard but the war seems to be ending. I think soon situations will get better. Just don’t lose hope”, Peter comforted Anne. “l hope so”, Anne replied. That was completely wrong. Two months later Ann.’s fifteenth birthday, the Secret Annex had been raided. Anne and the other members of the Annex were sent to various concentration camps. Ann.’s father, Otto Frank had survived the Holocaust but the other members of the Annex didn’t.

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