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A Contrast of Narcolepsy Symptoms Between the Adult and Pediatric Population
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Pages • 2
The first primary symptom of narcolepsy is excessive daytime sleepiness (Singh et al., 2013). All individuals that have narcolepsy including children and adults show the symptom. Excessive daytime sleepiness affects the normal activities of both children and adults negatively. Adults with narcolepsy are usually unable to perform the occupational activities effectively while children with the disorder are unable to function effectively in school. Children and adults who experience excessive daytime sleepiness report memory lapses, depressed moods, extreme exhaustion, low energy…...
Attribute-Based Access Control
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Pages • 11
Literature Review Shigellae are rod-shaped gram-negative bacteria, that belong to the enterobacteria family. These bacteria possess pathogenicity within a human host, primarily targeting the GI tract of the human body. Shigellae obtain multiple properties that cooperate to its operation of survival. These bacteria are non-motile, facultative anaerobes, which allow Shigellae to utilize oxygen when oxygen is present to generate ATP, while also possessing the capability to make ATP when oxygen is not present, via fermentation (Anaerobic Respiration) . The genus…...
Anaerobic RespirationBiological SciencesBiotechnologyMetabolism
Sickle Cell Disease
Words • 3013
Pages • 13
While many have heard of sickle cell anemia/disease, most do not know how prevalent this disease is in many countries, especially countries of color. Sickle cell diseases are one of the most common genetic disorders in the world. This mutation originated in African and Mediterranean areas because of the high likelihood of malaria. People in those area have approximately 100,000 annual births. Inusa et. al found that 80% of cases of sickle cell disease were from births occurring in Sub-Saharan…...
MedicineSickle Cell AnemiaSleep
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Brain Bod Iner
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When the brain and body are totally integrated, it is easy for a person to maintain spatial orientation, balance, sit or stand tall and erect, maintain evenness in the gait while walking or running, and be aware of and respond to surrounding situations. When the brain and body are not totally integrated, the way our brains process information is compromised, affecting mental and physical performance. This lack of integration is referred to as Functional Neurological Disorganization. It is a common…...
BrainKinesiologyNervous System
What Is the Positive and Negative Impact of Sleeping Less on Students’ Academic Performance and Wellbeing in DHSZ?
Words • 972
Pages • 4
It is suggested that people’s sleeping patterns have changed significantly over the last few decades. Even teenagers now get remarkably less sleep than before and standard of insufficient sleep for children and teenagers has become the norm. This situation is even more serious for middle and high school students. According to some researches, some celebrities with outstanding achievements such as Bill Gates kept having few sleep hours for long periods of time so that people consider that those people who…...
HealthSleepSleep Deprivation
Lack of Sleep Is One of the Problems of Excessive Sitting in Front of the Screen
Words • 628
Pages • 3
Technology has advanced over the years. People have spent a great amount of time working on technology for the improved and cure many things with physical and mental health. But, it has worsened the health of many people also. Also, Excessive time on screen can damage someone’s health dramatically. Three effects of excessive screen time include lack of sleep, grades declining, and people’s eyesight deteriorating. Screen time can keep people from falling asleep. There is a light that is radiated…...
HealthSleepSleep Deprivation
The Ketogenic Diet: Fact or Fiction
Words • 1578
Pages • 7
The ketogenic diet is described as a consistent regime that includes the consumption of a high-fat, adequate-protein, and low-carbohydrate diet. This method was first applied mainly for the treatment of epilepsy in babies and continues to push the body to consume fats rather than sugars. Usually the sugars contained in matter are converted into glucose, which is then carried in the body and is especially critical in fueling brain-function. The body converts fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies and…...
DietingNutritionPublic HealthWeight Loss
The On Atkins Diet
Words • 753
Pages • 4
In the 1950s, a man by the name of Dr. Robert Atkins attended Cornell University which he then graduated with his M.D. After he graduated, he designed a opened a private practice in New York City. As his practice continued be began to become concerned as medications were being prescribed to assist in the aid of weight loss. He believed this was not the greatest solution to the common trait in many Americans. Treating hunger through various medications just didn’t…...
DietingHealthObesityWeight Loss
Mental Retardation Or Physical Limitation
Words • 1594
Pages • 7
'I refuse to allow a disability to determine how I live my life. There is only one way to go in my life and that is forward' (Christopher Reeve). Disability means a mental retardation or physical limitation in which a person is deprived of either senses or organs .The most frequent disabilities are physical frailty, chronic diseases, mentally abnormal and sensory disabilities. Disability, a word when numerous people think of sounds deficiency of someone but literally when I hear this…...
DisabilityHelen KellerPhysics
Physical and Mental Effects of Stress
Words • 643
Pages • 3
In his life, the individual encounters many stressful situations that include unwanted experiences and events that may involve many sources of tension, risk factors, and threats in all areas of life, and thus the individual may experience excessive stress. Exposure to continuous stresses in life and going through a difficult experience may have an impact on human physical and mental health, and thus cause many diseases that are difficult to cure, such as depression, anxiety, in addition, it may lead…...
Immune System
Effect of Marathon Running on Immune System
Words • 1828
Pages • 8
Introduction Marathon running is a very extraneous activity that can have many verse effects on the body. Marathon running is known to cause muscle damage, dehydration, gastrointestinal problems, renal issues, any many more (Uchakin et al. 2003). Recently researchers have been studying the effects long endurance running has on the immune system. The immune system is one of the most important systems in the body as it helps prevent infections and disease. It has been shown that endurance running including…...
Immune System
How Radiation, G-Forces, and Altitude Affect the Human Immune System
Words • 1248
Pages • 5
Astronauts immune system responses are altered following spaceflight, and that can potentially be contributed to an increase in stress hormones (Narici, 2015). When astronauts are on the ISS (International Space Station), they are subjected to radiation and low g-forces because of the high altitude. Astronauts have been shown to suffer a myriad of issues upon returning to the Earth’s surface. The question then becomes: What can be done to mitigate some of the issues that the Astronauts face? Large amounts…...
Immune System
Obesity Prevalence in China
Words • 1908
Pages • 8
Abstract This study aims to understand the impact of poor nutrition and lack of physical activity on overweight and obesity population in China. Overweight and obesity are associated with an increased risk for age-related chronic diseases and have become an emerging healthcare threat in China. The study seeks to answer the research questions: how does the poor nutrition and lack of physical activity affect the prevalence of overweight and obese population in China? The goal is to analyze the demographics…...
MalnutritionObesityWeight Loss
Baby Weight Loss
Words • 1107
Pages • 5
To tackle the case of a mother who brought her first 5-day-old term newborn, named Mary for well-baby exam and presented to have a concern to her infant’s birth weight of 2.8 kg and now at the clinic to be 2.5 kg. Mary is exclusively breast fed and the mother raised her concerns on not feeding enough and weight loss. The pertinent questions to ask the mother before proceeding in answering her concerns and the questions that would elicit more…...
BreastfeedingMedical AssistantWeight Loss
Who Deals With Your Immune System
Words • 1209
Pages • 5
When your Immune system is down for the count and functioning improperly there is a team of specialists you can see to get your immune system back up and running. This team of people has worked really hard to be where they are and they are ready to help your immune system help you. When dealing with an infection, virus, bacteria, cancer, etc your immune system has special cells called White Blood Cells. There are different forms of white blood…...
Health CareImmune SystemMedicine
Immune System Boost Prevail Over Diseases
Words • 696
Pages • 3
There is no question, the human immune system is under attack! We can get sick from any little thing…germs, germ carriers, spittle, even those adorable little toddlers that you may pick up or babysit could be carrying some virus. What to do? How can we defend ourselves against this? The solution is Prevail Immune. Protection of our outer bodies truly begins with protecting our interior, where our immune system resides. This product is made available by an awesome company, and…...
HealthHealth CareImmune System
Foods to Boost Immune System
Words • 1559
Pages • 7
Are you worried about your immune system? People have different immune systems depending on various factors. Have you ever noticed a friend who often has cold or fever? Why does he feel so sick so often? It is because of his immune system. It is the body's natural defense mechanism against viruses, bacteria, and other microbes. When you have a weak one, you tend to feel sick frequently. Hence, you should do everything you can to keep your immune system…...
Immune SystemVitaminVitamin CVitamin D
In 21st Century Uk Society, What Trends Are Emerging To Challenge Dominant Concepts Of ‘Childhood And Youth’?
Words • 1850
Pages • 8
There are many upcoming trends and new methods in various parts in the present UK society, examples such as body modification, changes in mode of education and daily use of technology. This research paper will assess the future of childhood and youth, by exploring on the newer trends in 21st century that challenges the older and dominant concepts of childhood. This research paper will be based on the trends in the UK. The key themes selected for this paper will…...
Body ModificationSociety
Study of Sleep Deprivation in Students
Words • 1698
Pages • 7
  Often, as college students, when we talk to our mothers on the phone there are a few things that we are asked on a daily basis. They will ask if we’re eating fruits and vegetables, getting good grades, exercising, and lastly if we are getting enough sleep. Although it is tempting for college students to stay up late to study, because they are not getting the recommended amount of sleep this is causing their grades to suffer more then…...
HealthSleepSleep Deprivation
Sleep Deprivation Has a Negative Effects on the Brain
Words • 1979
Pages • 8
Sleep deprivation is the condition of not getting the sufficient amount of sleep your body needs. It has been reported to affect the brain as well as cognitive function. This essay examines the question, “To what extent does sleep deprivation affect academic performance in students?” The essay investigated the question using reputable sources such as Internet sites and journals to find an answer to the research question. The essay begins by introducing the issue of sleep deprivation, the main causes…...
HealthSleepSleep Deprivation
Lower Socioeconomic Status and Increases in Weight
Words • 3101
Pages • 13
One would think that weight gain would be a problem for people with low socioeconomic status. However, unhealthy weight gain is more common in lower socioeconomic status than in higher socioeconomic status. These unhealthy increases in weight have the potential to lead to obesity and other health related issues. People of lower SES are often living paycheck to paycheck and have trouble paying their bills. This has the potential to cause stress which could lead people to cope by consuming…...
HealthHealthy FoodWeight Loss
This Is How Women Prevent Cardiovascular Disease
Words • 865
Pages • 4
Stroke and heart attack? For many, this is the men's thing. Not correct! 'Women underestimate their risk of cardiovascular disease,' warns Prof. Dr. med. Vera Regitz-Zagrosek, cardiologist and director of the Institute for Gender Research in Medicine at the Charité, Berlin. Why this is so and how you can prevent cardiovascular disease , read here. Many women think that estrogen protects vessels and thus the heart. 'Most people are unaware that protection stops after menopause and can not be restored…...
Cardiovascular SystemHeart DiseaseMyocardial Infarction
The Effect of Aging on Human Body Composition
Words • 1013
Pages • 5
Firstly, the differences in ambulation may be present due to the effects of aging on the composition of the human body has been researched. There is not enough substantial evidence to corroborate, whether these changes in gait are responsible for causing individuals to exert additional energy during walking. Henceforth there have been previous investigations conducted which demonstrated that seniors who had a reduced walking pace regularly utilized additional amounts of oxygen to traverse a similar area in comparison to individuals…...
AgingHuman BodyWalking
Block Of Our Nervous System
Words • 1065
Pages • 5
The neuron is the basic building block of our nervous system.  The neuron is made up of several parts, the cell body, the dendrites, the axon, and the terminal branches of the axon. The dendrites receive the message from other cells and passes it through the cell body. The message is passed through the axon and to the terminal branches. (Myers 2016). The message passing through the axon is an electrical signal. Some of our axons are covered with a…...
Classical ConditioningNervous System
How Sleep Affects Our Productivity
Words • 1783
Pages • 8
How you can optimize the amount of sleep you get in order to have a more productive day? Introduction The intention of this research paper is to talk about and understand what sleep is and why it is important to get the right amount of sleep can promote a more productive day. What is sleep Sleep is a vital function in which our body is at rest. During this state of mind our eyes are closed, our muscles and nervous…...
Distracted DrivingSleep
Biography of the Artist Claude Monet
Words • 606
Pages • 3
Oscar-Claude Monet was a French painter who was born November 14, 1840 in Paris, France. Throughout Monet's life, he was constantly struggling financially and would live off the success of his artwork. Monet had to overcome obstacles such as: death and depression. Monet was an only youngest child, he had a brother named Leon Pascal who was 4 years older than him. Their father Adolphe -a business man- wanted his son, Claude, to pursue a career in business. He wanted…...
Claude MonetVision
How do Learning Disabilities Affect Development
Words • 1616
Pages • 7
The goal of this research was to evaluate ways in which learning disabilities affect the mental growth of a child from birth to an age where they can support themselves. With this information paraprofessionals who work with individuals with learning disabilities are better equipped to understand the areas they struggle in and will know how to make specialized education plans that cater to their learning style. Through my research in psychiatric journals detailing the psychology of young children I learned…...
DisabilityLearning Disability
Sleep Disorders
Words • 615
Pages • 3
You ever wonder why you can’t sleep at night? Why you can’t ever get a full night’s rest , or go sleep in the first place. Have you ever thought that you have a sleep disorder. Different types of disorders are sleep talking, sleep walking, and others. The issue of lack of sleep is not new but then an ever increasing number of individuals are getting to be casualties of the outcomes that of lack of sleep. “An ever increasing…...
SleepSleep Disorder
The Blood-Brain Barrier and Central Nervous System Disorders 
Words • 1362
Pages • 6
Many neurodegenerative disorders exist today, and several of these diseases are fatal and untreatable. The pathological mechanism for many neurodegenerative diseases has not been discovered yet, however most of these diseases systematically infect certain cranial tissues. One such tissue is a semi-permeable membrane that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. This membrane is known as the blood brain barrier (BBB), and understanding the structure of this barrier is vital to treating diseases that involve it. Keywords: Blood-Brain barrier, lymphatic system,…...
Nervous SystemNeurodegenerative Disorder
Stress and Our Immune System
Words • 581
Pages • 3
We all undergo some sort of stress, whether we experience a trauma, the loss of a loved one, exposure to violence or simply just the stress we might briefly feel every day, it is just a part of our lives. Different from stress that can motivate and push us to be more productive or rise to the occasion, an ongoing stress to which we have no way of coping can actually be harmful for our overall health. Studies have shown…...
DiseaseImmune SystemStress
Ideal Receptions Of “Medical Experts”
Words • 1526
Pages • 7
In a day and age where social media plays a significant role in a person’s day to day life, every person is inevitably going to befriend a “medical expert.” They are the individuals who allegedly have figured out all of the perfect tricks to staying healthy and are determined to share their knowledge with people all around the world. While their endless posts can be a little frustrating and monotonous, it is easy to find oneself reading through the article.…...
Immune SystemMedical Ethics
A World Of Vision
Words • 752
Pages • 4
While fully able to view and sense the world, does one truly see it in its full color and glory, or in a mere black and white? Without emotion and devotion, the world can possibly be perceived as flat, as if with an edge where a ship could just fall off where the horizon ends. In Cathedral, the narrator has all of his senses intact but still sees the world in a very sterile manner. A visitor named Robert, a…...
LifeRaymond CarverVision
The Complexity of The Behavior of Neanderthal Populations in the Southern European Region
Words • 408
Pages • 2
This article goes into detail about the behavioral complexity of Neandertal populations in the Southern European area during the time frame of 160,000 to 40,000 BP. The authors argue that it makes more sense to debate the archaeological complexity when we compare the modern human and Neandertal records, not the issue of modernity (which they claim Neandertals do not possess). Therefore, it is important to note that for the rest of the article they shift their focus from modernity to…...
BehaviorBody ModificationEuropean Union
Vision is Described as “Perceiving With the Eyes” or “The Sense Of Sight or Seeing”
Words • 703
Pages • 3
Whilst perception is more widely defined as ‘to take in with the mind and senses . . . to apprehend . . . to become aware of by sight, hearing or other senses’.  We may see the space we are in through the light which falls upon its surfaces, but the way in which we perceive it calls upon a much more developed experience where sight is an important first step, but to which must be added hearing, smell and…...
What Lack of Sleep Can Do
Words • 468
Pages • 2
Lack of sleep can cause less focus and awareness in the form of mind-wandering or “daydreaming”. From day-to-day life, it seems that sleep deprivation is an increasing commonality that many people share across a wide spectrum of population and age groups, especially in modern cities. This is mentioned in an article from the Journal of Experimental Psychology, “Sleepless night, restless mind: Effects of sleep deprivation on mind wandering. It is brought to question and tested that perhaps that there is…...
The Architecture of Sleep And The Function Of Dreams
Words • 615
Pages • 3
The mystery of sleep, what happens when we do it, why do we do it, and how does it work? Sleep progresses through various stages and shows signs such as heart rate and brain activity. Sleep is known to have four stages not including REM. With access to an EEG, Stage one can be seen when the brain creates alpha waves, which are characteristics of relaxation in the brain, irregular jagged low voltage waves. Many experience hypnogogic sensations such as…...
How Can We Make Memory Without Memories?
Words • 5107
Pages • 21
How can we make memory without memories? We are the sum of our memories and these memories represent who we are. However, the way people archive and remember the past contradict each other. Our brains are becoming increasingly reliant on digital devices to archive and remember life’s occurrences. Digital memory relies entirely on the fidelity of recorded images, but it cannot capture the richness of human memory, such as the feelings and smells we associate with a particular time. The…...
MemoryNervous SystemPerceptionSenseSynesthesia
Pros Cons Playing Video Games Essay Gaming Addiction
Words • 1168
Pages • 5
Today in this online gaming addiction essay we’ll have detail study on all the Pros and Cons of Playing Video Games. These games have negative effects to students and their studies and education. But also have some advantages for kids, students and youngster. So in first part I will write short note about what is video game? In second part write some Pros of playing video games and in the third part cons of playing video games. In the end…...
AddictionEntertainmentSleepVideo GameVideo Games
Article Health Wealth Essay Speech English Points
Words • 1016
Pages • 5
Health is Wealth. This is the famous sentence today in this article we’ll speech and write essay in English languages. Now today’s everybody want to know about how to make money easily and become wealthier by adopting a shortcut way. But they actually don’t know about the real money and the real wealth of the life. And I think health is the most expensive thing in this world. Let’s suppose if you have little pain in any part of your…...
A beautiful mind
Words • 1399
Pages • 6
The following sample essay on "A beautiful mind": tells about the film. The client was selected from the movie "A Beautiful Mind" (2001). The client for this study was John Forbes Nash who was a student at Princeton University, and he was competitive, and goal driven in his class. This is supported by his ambition to crack the logic behind the atomic bomb, Russian codes as well as the empirical logic behind love. This movie was based on the life…...
HealthMedicineMental DisorderNervous SystemNursing
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What Is the Positive and Negative Impact of Sleeping Less on Students’ Academic Performance and Wellbeing in DHSZ?
...With this in mind, a research project is proposed to investigate whether students at Dulwich International High School always stay up late and some correlations between sleeping hours and students' performances. This would be to establish how many sl...
How Radiation, G-Forces, and Altitude Affect the Human Immune System
...Lishnevskii, A. E., & Benghin, V. V. (2014) A method for a short-term forecast of the absorbed dose accumulation dynamics on the international space station based on radiation monitoring system data. Solar System Research, 48(7), 568-573....
Who Deals With Your Immune System
...Hematologists are very important doctors and can help you with lots of conditions relating to the blood, bone marrow, lymphatic system, etc. If you have any trouble with any of those things you should research for a hematologist near you and go visit...
In 21st Century Uk Society, What Trends Are Emerging To Challenge Dominant Concepts Of ‘Childhood And Youth’?
...There are many upcoming trends and new methods in various parts in the present UK society, examples such as body modification, changes in mode of education and daily use of technology. This research paper will assess the future of childhood and youth...
This Is How Women Prevent Cardiovascular Disease
...Sitting in the office for a long time is a health killer for men only. If they are on the job, their cardiovascular risk is reduced by 39 percent. In contrast, women are up 80 percent, according to a Canadian study. The reason: women have more exhaus...
How Sleep Affects Our Productivity
...Everyone’s on their phones and computers nowaday and are too distracted to realize what’s going on around them, anyway the point is that electronics can ruin your sleep. How? At night or whenever you feel sleepy that is when your body produces me...
How do Learning Disabilities Affect Development
...Learning disabilities can have a profound effect on someone's future success. Although solutions are arising for these problems, they still influence the people who are afflicted by them causes them to have issues with writing, speech, social, and mo...
What Lack of Sleep Can Do
...They need a full night’s rest and is imperative to a stable and meaningful learning platform. This does not only apply to students. Every day there are also adults that operate heavy machinery daily where full focus is essential and pertinent to th...
How Can We Make Memory Without Memories?
...To answer that question, I would say in despite of almost a perfect ability to store everything, you never know which parts of memory will be lost from your digital devices. Even if you back it up regularly, it is going to be lost in the end. On the ...
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