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Autonomous Cars Research Paper Topics & Free Essay Examples. How to write about Autonomous Cars

From Competitive Advantage to Corporate Strategy

From Competitive Advantage to Corporate Strategy By Michael E. Porter Corporate strategy, the overall plan for a diversified company, is both the darling and the stepchild of contemporary management practice—the darling because CEOs have been obsessed with diversification since the early 1960s, the stepchild because almost no consensus exists about what corporate strategy is, much…

General Motors Case Study

Recently there have been doubts concerning the survival of General Motors. These doubts stem in part from the firm’s unawareness of the automotive industry’s external business environment. This includes the consumer’s view of current events and economic trends. There are also key issues such as the emergence of technology that are related to the automobile…

IntroductionThis extended essay focuses on the multinational

Introduction This extended essay focuses on the multinational company, Uber, and its operations in Central London. The aim of the essay is to evaluate what extent Uber can be seen as a socially responsible corporation. In order to evaluate this, the environmental impact of Uber’s operations must be considered Background Uber is an independent transport…

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Literature SurveyRoad traffic congestion become a major problem

Literature Survey Road traffic congestion become a major problem in various urban cities. This can results various problems in modern city management such as untimely delays to passengers, Higher Carbon dioxide emission and high travel times. Therefore, controlling traffic congestion on the road has become a very strong necessity on today. The current traffic control…

Parking LotsUnlike already mentioned practices little

? Parking Lots: Unlike already mentioned practices, little and large-scale parking heaps are common in varied planned industrial areas in the metropolis. These parking heaps are sometimes off-street, open parking areas, that not solely give parking areas, however additionally embody different connected options like landscaping, parking islands, and vehicle circulation areas (aisle and access lanes)….


UBER: KALANICK’S TUMULTUOUS ERA Case Study Analysis – Govind Ram Purushothaman (April 2019) Introduction This case study is about the company Uber and its management by its co-founder and CEO Travis Kalanick, it gives a description about him and how he managed the company. Other issues discussed are Uber’s questionable business practices and its handling…

MGT6206E-IndividualAssignment_WonChingCHUAH (Draft)

Overview of Uber Technologies Inc.Uber Technologies Inc. was incorporated in March 2009, in San Francisco, California, United States to provide multinational transportation networking services. The head quarter is located in San Francisco. More than 110 million users utilized uber operation in 63 countries today. The group operates in 785 metropolitan areas worldwide with a total of…

Aviation Essay

Which leads us to the question, where does the future of transportation lead us? Many sci-fi movies in in the past, depict the futuristic details of mankind living in the world with flying vehicles. According to the movie “Back To The Future 2”, we should be able to produce and and use flying automobiles, hovering…

Keiser Dallas

What will the future of computing look like? Keiser Dallas Since its introduction into the racing world, technology has surpassed the expectations and limits set by man. More specifically, computers have evolved from bulky, basic machines to versatile, compact devices that navigate the path of the future. Although experts speculate there will be a plateau…

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