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History of Healthy Greek Cuisine
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The history of food and cuisine in Greece dates back thousands of years. The people of Greece enjoy a healthy, varied and interesting diet full of flavors and traditions. Modern food in Greece is often very similar or the same as in Ancient Greece. Wine, grains, lentils, olive oil, chickpeas, lentils, herbs such as wild fennel, broad beans, wild greens, fish, rabbit, goat and sheep milk, cheese, certain fruits, sesame and honey are a part of today’s diet as they…...
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Food Stamped Documentary
Words • 600
Pages • 3
Shira and Yoav Potash’s Food Stamped (2010) is an informative, but sliver of insight on the realities of what individuals who are on the SNAP program face. The nutritionist and her husband set out to see if they could live a week on an average food stamp budget and also incorporate many individuals from the public ‘s views and thoughts on the diet individuals have while being a part of this program and on healthy eating. The couple struggled to…...
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Accessing Healthy Food Is A Challenge For Many Families In The U.S
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Pages • 4
When you think of “ what impact food have on society?” when someone think about all over the world, what impact does it have in other cultures, or even at home? Starting from when a person was a child food has changed and impacted your life. Now that people are older do they have healthier resources? A lot of questions come to mind when thinking about food and how much of an impact it has. Where a person live determines…...
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This Article Is Directed Towards Effects Of Food Prices
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Pages • 6
This article is for the audience of the NBC News, they reach out to many different audiences, especially those who have experienced life below the poverty line. By reaching out to these audiences, this article could make them more aware of the dietary hardships people face, and what the cause of it is. This article is directed towards fast food corporations and supermarkets because the locations of their services and their prices affects the convenience of nutritious food. Do Food…...
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Remarkable Improvements In Choosing Healthy Food
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Pages • 3
Obesity is generally caused by overeating and lacking physical activity. Unlike wealthy family, those who are low-income and food-insecure can’t afford the same variety of healthy food and have limited physical activity resources. Second, they may choose unhealthy food and overeat mindlessly since eating is one of the most mindless activity humans do. Third, members of low-income families, including children, may face poor mental health, including anxiety and depression due to the food insecurity, low-wage work, poor health care and…...
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Lower Socioeconomic Status and Increases in Weight
Words • 3101
Pages • 13
One would think that weight gain would be a problem for people with low socioeconomic status. However, unhealthy weight gain is more common in lower socioeconomic status than in higher socioeconomic status. These unhealthy increases in weight have the potential to lead to obesity and other health related issues. People of lower SES are often living paycheck to paycheck and have trouble paying their bills. This has the potential to cause stress which could lead people to cope by consuming…...
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The Idea of Free Meal and Healthy Food Choices in American Colleges
Words • 576
Pages • 3
As a college student myself, I have always found it difficult to maintain a healthy diet during school. For one, many college students have so many other worries including studies, financial needs, and relationships the last worry we should have is what or if we will eat. Therefore, America's universities should consider giving college students free meal plan with healthy choices. Offering college students free meal plans with healthy choices will allow students to have an overall better performance in…...
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Eating Healthy Foods and Regular Exercise Helps Avoid Obesity and Other Health Issues
Words • 437
Pages • 2
Healthy Cooking and Eating Healthy eating and cooking is one way to keep not only a healthy weight but a healthy lifestyle. People need to try to eat healthier because of the obesity epidemic coming on. The more people eat at fast food restaurants the more unhealthy they become. If people eat healthy foods then they will have more energy and be more active. People who eat out every single day tend to be either overweight or obese. Obesity can…...
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A Review of Early Sprouts Establishing Healthy Food Choices for Young Children, an Article by Kalich, Bauer, and McPartlin
Words • 774
Pages • 4
Summary Kalich, Bauer, and McPartlin begin their article by presenting us with rather surprising facts: by the age of five, most children have lost the ability to eat in response to hunger and have learned to choose foods high in fat and sugars over healthier alternatives. Children in America only eat a portion of the recommended fruit and vegetable servings per day despite their obvious nutritional importance. Unfortunately these facts, according to Kalich, Bauer, and McPartlin, are major contributors to…...
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A Definition of Freshman Fifteen and the Importance of Making Healthy Food Choices
Words • 1254
Pages • 6
Freshman Five, Fifteen, or Fifty? The United States has become a society that never sleeps. This fast-paced nation we live in requires 24-hour supermarkets and restaurants, because a society that never sleep needs places to eat around the clock. In the college world, lack of sleep is inevitable, and a poor sleep schedule conflicts with other factors of daily life. With classes from morning until night and extra curricular activities in-between, there is little time to complete homework during the…...
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Building a Healthy Food Recommendation System
Words • 1199
Pages • 5
As industries in various fields are expanding, people are often confused to choose the best from different choices and decide what would be best for them. Recommendation systems are a type of information filtering that studies the human interests and presents lists of items which are likely of user preference and help people make decisions in these situations. Here we build a food recommendation system which give recommendations on the basis of considering the users preferences as well as their…...
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Food and Culture 
Words • 978
Pages • 4
“You don’t understand family, you’re white.” “You do not have cultural traditions, you’re white.” My Family's Traditional Meals When I talk to people of other cultures, I am told that I do not have a culture, I am just white. They were not wrong, I am painfully white. I am also Irish, German, Portuguese, and Cajun French. They are wrong, I do understand family and I do have cultural traditions. My family, both immediate and extended, celebrates our successes, failures,…...
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Healthy Living in Malaysia
Words • 1580
Pages • 7
Being healthy should be part of your lifestyle as a whole, not just a resolution for New Year. Dr Lum (2018) stating that Malaysia is the fattest country in Asia with around half of the population being overweight or obese. Malaysians' busy lives can be problematic for the wellbeing of families. It can be difficult to find time to be physically active by rushing to and from school and working. We can also fall into the trap of preferring unhealthy snacks…...
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Healthy Food Against Fast Food
Words • 438
Pages • 2
Being on healthy diet is something hard to stay on it for a long time beacause you miss the, taste the smell and the joy of junk food also known as fast food. Many of us found fast food is more delicious than healthy food while few people found healthy is more delicious than fast food. World Health Organization made statistics about how many of people causing overweight problems. 65% of the world's population live in countries where overweight and…...
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