Weight Loss and Your Chances of Long-Term Success

The article that I found the most interesting was posted to US. News and World Report and spoke about whether or not genetic coding, and diets based on your specific genetic makeup, truly made a difference in those who struggle with weight loss. This article talked about the links between genetics and obesity in society. It highlighted notes on how certain genes in your genome can actually affect your weight loss and your chances at long term success The author then went on to talk about the various genes that code for certain traits in a person that can be directly related to weight loss and obesity.

Genes such as the MC4R gene, has been linked to appetite and it has been shown in some cases be muted in the genomic sequences of different people.

There was a counter argument in this article about whether or not the expression, or lack thereof, of these genes was powerful enough to genuinely affect weight loss in individuals, The counter argument also stated that those who did not participate in diets specialized to their specific genome were able to lose weight, just with more effort on the part of the individual.

In my personal opinion, I believe that genetics does play a role in obesity, but I also believe that with the practice of healthy habits and education, obesity should not be an issue, regardless of their predisposition I believe that if someone genuinely wants to make progress and become a healthy individual, they need to begin with their habits and unhealthy tendencies.

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I am saying this from experience, as well, My immediate family has always been heavy set, and I was 250 lbs until I was 17 years old.

The reason I began to lose weight, was because I decided that my habits needed to change and that I valued my life above all else I did not have a diet specialized to my body, but I did have determination to become a healthy person. With a lot of work, I lost 100 lbs and went above the odds that everyone else had set for me, My father is obese with type 2 diabetes and my older brother is 320 lbs. My genetics did not define how much weight I lost, I did [believe that genetics can predispose someone obesity or play a part in how actively expressed a gene is, but I do not believe that it is an excuse to say that you cannot become healthy.

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