Dropping It: Weight Loss Redemption

Bryan Smith was a Pennsylvania police officer that saw one picture and decided it was time for a change. After years and years of poor food choices, Bryan made a major lifestyle change and got back in shape. In the article, Smith discusses his transformation from a 325lb law enforcement officer to a 2001b healthy middle-aged man. Smith mentions how easy it was for him to eat whatever was nearby instead of taking into account how healthy it was for him.

He also talks about how oblivious he was to his own weight gain. This article was gave me some really good insight into losing weight. I’ve been trying to go on a consistent diet myself and hearing Bryan Smith’s story is even more motivation for me. At first, I thought this was just another simple wait loss article about some guy wanting to get ripped. When I finished it. l was amazed by Bryan’s story because he completely took it upon himself to get into shape.

He didn’t mention how many workout products he bought or used. He just did simple step workout routines and ate better to lose weight.

In my opinion, this article was aimed at anyone who wants lose weight. I’ve been trying to make a lifestyle change and lose weight. I would say that this article wants to influence people like myself. This article goes with my topic, self-concept because it handles the issue of weight gain and weight loss.

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The article did an excellent job of highlighting Bryan’s own personal self-concept of weight. Bryan’s body image didn’t cross his mind until he saw a picture of how he used to look. By seeing that photo, Bryan was able to realize of how out of shape he got throughout the years. I went online and tried to find any additional articles on Bryan. In doing so, I came across an article about a man namedjohn Glaude. Two years ago. John weighed more than Bryan at 360 lbs. The biggest eye opener to me was thatJohn was 20 years old. He was my age and loss 170 pounds. John got into the best shape of his life and pushed himself to become ripped.

Allin all, I would definitely give this article a 5 out of 5. I loved this article and would absolutely recommend it to anyone that could use a little more motivation to get in shape. I think this article is a perfect example of what we need to push ourselves a little harder. At the end of the article, the author lists some of the tips that Bryan used to burn fat. There is even some personal advice from Bryan that the reader can apply to their personal self-concept. I thought that was an excellent way to cap off the article. I personally do not think the article has any flaws or a one sided View. It gives excellent insight into Bryan’s story and how he chose to deal with his body. This is a great article for anyone that’s twing to make a change. I know I am, so I will be applying some of the tips I learned very soon.


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