Eating Healthy Maximizes Weight Loss after Exercises

Walking into a gym there are treadmills, ellipticals, and weight lifting machines, When deciding what is best to lose weight, most people tend to turn towards the cardio equipment first. Many people believe that cardio is the only form of exercise to lose weight When it comes to calorie burn, cardio exercise is visibly seen to burn quite a few calories, but weight lifting workouts, even though they are not heart rate focused, continue burning calories after the workout is over.

Weight training increases muscle which, therefore, boost metabolism all day making it easier to burn more calories Weight training involves more than time spent in the gym, it includes making a daily schedule, selecting the correct workout, and making healthy eating choices. The first thing one needs to do to kick start a weight lifting and fat loss program is to have a set scheduler Organizing exercises by day creates goals and gives muscles time to relax in between workouts, Not only is it a good idea to make a certain day focus on a particular part of the body, it is also good to include an off day.

Working out every day of the week can cause strain on the body and may result in injury, A well divided week would look as follows: chest and upper body on Monday, lower body on Tuesday, full cardio on Wednesday, back on Thursday, abs on Friday, and total body on Saturday, Once there is a set schedule for the exercises, it is time to organize how many complete motions of the exercise, or repetitions, are acceptable to build muscle.

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For beginners, a good goal would be to aim for eight to fifteen repetitions and three consecutive repetitions, or sets. After making a goal for repetitions, one needs to select the correct amount of weight to train with To select the correct amount of weight, it should be a challenge to reach 15 repetitions, but it should not be impossible to complete the set. After selecting repetitions and sets, it‘s time to begin the workout.

Each workout should be centered towards the focus of that day, completing about ten exercises a day taking about half an hour to complete the full workout. Once the workout is complete each day, eatingjunk food will reverse all the hard work put into the exercises. Most unhealthy foods tend to fill up the body and make one’s stomach bloat To replenish the body, protein, fruits and vegetables are the best options These healthy choices will fill the body with good carbohydrates that were lost during the workout They will keep the body feeling full longert A good alternative to fried chicken and macaroni and cheese would be grilled chicken and a mix of cooked vegetables. When people think about losing weight, they tend to think that cardio exercise is the most efficients The truth is that cardio does help burn calories, but after the workout is complete the calorie burn has stopped Weight lifting exercise is great to build muscle 50 that metabolism is boosted and the body continues to burn calories as the day goes forward Along with lifting weights, eating healthy is essential in losing fat. Knowing how to exercise correctly and eat healthy are the beginning steps in a change that will take over one’s lifestyle in a great ways

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