Influence of New Sushi Rolls

One of the most important concepts introduced to us in business would be the integral role of marketing research in any industry that exists. It is vital to a business, due to the fact that conducting it is necessary prior to carrying out any decision. Marketing researchers retrieve data by carrying out two types of market research in a firm: primary and secondary research. Primary research is one that involves the gathering of new information that is necessary to further understand a concept.

An example of this is when new data regarding a particular change is collected for the first time. On the contrary, secondary research is a research method that involves the utilization of data that has already been collected through primary research. The main difference between primary and secondary research lies in the fact that whether the research has been conducted previously or not.

One of the most important purposes of primary research is the collection of data and information by a firm or individual to reach a conclusion regarding a research hypothesis.

This research includes surveys that compromises of fixed sets of questions asked to a group of people, interviews that may be carried out by asking open ended questions with focus groups that have the ability to provide feedback, observations by watching the results of implementing a specific activity on current or potential consumers, and experiments to further understand how to efficiently implement and utilize a new product or concept as effectively as possible. These research mediums are then are then utilized and integrated into the decision making process that can greatly impact an area, region, or even a whole nation.

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Absolutely every decision taking place around us is a result of research being conducted and it must be acknowledged that conducting market research is a very vital step to a business process.

It has been used to create even the smallest products with the greatest impacts like creating the Pepsi drink that has lived on for a century and has impacted people daily on a global level or by supporting an even bigger decision like introducing cryptocurrency that has the power to impact the whole economy. A real life example of primary research that almost everyone in College Station has observed or even been through multiple times in their life would be in HEB, a supermarket chain that is considered a necessity for survival. As students who live in a college town, walking through the aisles of HEB is undoubtedly a natural thing for all of us now. Everyone will have a deficit of at least one product at home and the only way it can be restocked is by paying a visit to HEB and buying some more of it. In HEB, there are multiple things that never undergo change no matter how many branches open.

These things include the different products they sell, the utilization of aisles in the store’s interior, the uniforms of the employees, and even the different sections of food that are located around the whole store. As a result of the multiple food sections provided at HEB, new foods are constantly being introduced as part of the HEB inventory. Due to this, free samples of food is constantly given out to customers to promote a certain product or to introduce a new one. An example of a very common one would be the introduction of new sushi rolls from Sushiya in HEB, a small area of space located in the center of HEB that sells a variety of freshly made sushi that may be bought on spot. Sushiya tends to give out free samples of sushi to HEB customers when introducing a new sushi roll. They are utilizing the observations medium of primary research to further note and understand the influence of the new product on the loyal customers they already have, the potential consumers that they can win over, and even how much of an impact their new sushi rolls would have on their future sales.

This example is vital to our understanding as it provides us with a real life situation on a smaller scale that takes place all around us in both small and big firms. The research conducted by Sushiya has the ability to provide the firm with data forecasts on the impacts of their new product not on only Sushiya alone, but also on the 340 HEBs open all around the state of Texas. It does not end there, as the decision to introduce a new product will also influence many competitive firms that sell sushi such as the supermarket chain Kroger and restaurant chains that are considered on the high end side of the market like Aji sushi and sushi 9. These firms will feel threatened to be at a competitive advantage by using strategies such as providing excellent customer service, unique selling mechanisms, or even price changes that can be decided through conducting research and carrying out decisions.

I must say my path in business started off as a journey from a very young age, but rapidly grew into my ultimate passion with time. I never started with the preference to be in the field of Management Information Systems, but chose it by researching both my surroundings and myself. I envision a future of success working as a data analyst in a firm that bases all of its decisions on sufficient research. Through hard work and perseverance, I aim to initiate change and grow in my field by utilizing the data I am given to carry out intelligent and effective decisions that will impact the whole field. I hope to spark a change in the business world that will help boom the whole economy by innovating market research, analyzing data efficiently and by constructing a plan that has the power to positively impact a great portion of people.

By observing permanent changes from strategies that first started off as mere ideas supported by the right amount of conducted research, I aim to propose different concepts that will revolutionize the market and open doors of opportunity to future generations. Living in a world that is rapidly changing, technology has never been so important. It is used in everything around us and its role in this world is not ending anytime soon. Slowly, it is impacting all the fields in one way or another and changing the traditional ways of certain things. An example of this would be seen in Marketing when it has been observed that e-commerce has grown at a rapid rate impacting many businesses and even resulting in their bankruptcy.

Primary research would help me retrieve the data needed to further understand the importance of a certain action and the impacts it has. By using the data retrieved through research, I am able to analyze it as a data analyst and then incorporate it to further enhance the utilization of technology to meet the needs of customers. In the end, data is worth nothing if the analysis of it is not efficiently done. Marketing is important as it is the process of meeting the consumers’ needs by providing the customers with reasons why they should choose or utilize a specific product or service from a firm over multiple existing competitors. As a result, it has been emphasized that research is vital to achieve that ultimate goal and that the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data that has the power to permanently affect us all

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