A Delightful Experience of Tasting Sushi at the Kitaro Bistro of Japan

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Kitaro Sushi Masterpiece Kitaro Bistro of Japan is a delightful little restaurant precariously placed on the side of Highway K in O’Fallon, MO, in plain sight for any wandering traveler to stumble upon. My first time visiting this particular restaurant was for my brothers 16th birthday. He could not decide where we should go for his birthday, but he knew that no matter what he wanted sushi. So my father researched some nice local sushi restaurants and found Kitaro Bistro of Japan to be highly recommended for it reasonable prices and excellent food.

I, myself, was skeptical having never tried sushi and not wanting to start then, but since it was not my birthday I had no say in the matter.

When we got there, we were greeted by a breathtaking display of all the different ways to portray the colors black, red and silver. The ambiance was warm and welcoming and I lightened up on my stance against trying raw fish.

We were seated at a lightly decorated and beautifully simplistic silver marble table for four and our waiter handed us our menus. Only looking at the isolated sushi menu, my father chose a series of rolls that he deemed delectable enough and worthy of sharing with his beloved children.

We waited all of 15 minutes for our raw fish, vegetables and cream cheese to be made directly in front of and I watched anxiously making sure I knew every single ingredient that was put into this fishy concoction that was about to pass my lips and rest in my tummy.

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The waiter set the rolls in front of us family style and said enjoy. I stared at the rainbow of colors, wondering where to start and if I even dare. My father selected a few pieces for my plate and set them in front of me. I stared at him quizzically before hesitantly selecting a yellowish brown piece between my chopsticks. I stared at the lumpy texture feeling it crunch between my chopsticks. My dad explained that it was fried spicy tuna and I rolled my eyes. Of course it was fried. That explained the crunchy and crumbly exterior. But what did it smell like? I took a quick sniff and was… delightfully surprised! The aromatic scent wafting up from this unknown dish was positively mouthwatering. It smelled absolutely savory and I could not wait to experience how it tasted in comparison. But again, I hesitated. This was still raw fish. It may have had an addictive smell but it could not possibly taste any way other than rancid. Could it? I slowly open my mouth and take the smallest nibble possible. I am…shocked. I take a slightly larger bite, savoring the taste on my tongue before chewing. Not too briny as I expected, but with a hint of flavoring salt. It is zesty and juicy and I just cannot get enough of it. The rich flavoring of the cream cheese, the tuna, the rice, the avocado, all wrapped up in one perfectly seasoned fried outer coating makes for the most flavorsome dish I had ever beheld. Not to mention, the honeyed yum yum sauce that goes on top making this dish to be a most welcomed, appatozing assault on the senses that I, myself, have ever experience. It is crunchy and flaky on the outside while retaining a light fluffy inside that melts in your mouth and makes you want to order more until you are turned off by the appealing scent and dulcet, mouthwatering taste though you never could be.

After that one bite I could not try any of the others. I could only eat the fried spicy tuna as I fell in love over and over again with the rich, lush taste of what could only be called decorated raw fish. Now we go at least three times a year to sample the masterful art of sushi that Kitaro Bistro provides us. Maybe next time I will even try another type of roll. ;)

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