What Is Sushi and How Did It Originate

Sushi originated in southeast Asia as a way to increase the shelf life of fish by placing it in fermenting rice.(Benihana) Sushi is a Japanese dish that its main ingredient is vinegared rice. It comes in a form of a roll that contains ingredients such as raw fish or assortments of seafood, vegetables, and egg. Depending on what sauces are used during the making, it can either taste sweet or spicy. Sushi was the opening to creativity and expressing one’s self.

So sushi to me was the way I learned to connect with my family and open up and talk about my feelings that I did not share before.

I remembered there was this sushi placed called “Hello Sushi,” down in Redlands, California. It was ‘all you can eat” sushi at a very reasonable price. At that time, I did not know what sushi was or anything about eating raw fish and seaweed. The first time I went there was my birthday and they sang happy birthday to me in two different languages: English and Japanese.

The first sushi dish I had ordered was called Viking. The Viking contained inside the roll:” cream cheese, lemon, and spicy salmon” and on the outside: “bake scallop and salmon.” When it was brought to the table, it was on fire and to be able to eat it, I had to blow the fire out. What amazed me, was while the raw fish was on fire it was not cooking. This is how I became attracted to sushi.

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(Hello Sushi)

Later on, I became obsessed with sushi places and the different types of sushi they offered. I have tried these types of sushi: Ngiri, Maki, and Uramaki. Every time my family wanted to go out and celebrate something like a birthday, graduation, or a soccer game win; we would go to a sushi place. Soon it became traditional for us and was a place for us to just talk. I was not close to my family unlike how my siblings were. They did not understand why I loved Japanese music, food, and clothing. When we started going to many sushi places; that’s when my family made an effort learned to try to get into Asian culture to relate to me and talk about my feelings. They learned how I had felt lonely and figured out that I had minor depression. I got help with the depression and that’s when my mom mentioned to me that my Uncle Greg was Japanese. He taught me what true Japanese sushi was.

I learned sushi is Japan’s symbol of pride because they culture to multiple cultures. Although American sushi is different than Japan’s sushi. For instance, Japanese sushi is with the rice on the inside wrapped by nori (seaweed); whereas Americans reverse that. Another thing is sushi in Japan is simply just a roll unlike how America is making sushi burritos and sushi

cones. Another thing about sushi is it must contain raw fish and not cooked fish. Cooked fish makes the sushi no longer sushi and just cooked fish. I learned different styles and types of fish that were common in Japan but not America. All just reminding me why I love sushi and the bonding with my family. (Sushi Faq)

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