New Subject Means a Lot of New Information

Before studying business study I was confuse about this subject. As I have never read business studies in higher education and more concerned on IT ( information technology) , I was very nervous to choose this subject . Because, I transferd from federation university to AIH. The system was different Fed university have complete IT related ourse but on AIH it is mixed IT.

On first day of class our teacher taught about the course in detail, we discuss about how to access moodle and also discuss about the assignments and weekly assignment .

In first week we discuss about the ethics and ethical communication was very new topic for me so I have no idea about the topic .But when we did research and get more deep on course it help us in the subject .Since we were very new to moodle and most of student didn’t know their Id and password and many of us even didn’t have access to it we were not able to do our weekly assignment . But our subject teacher help us to guide and she also change the submission date so that we can do our weekly assignment and summit it to gain marks. I also got idea how to approach some one how to communicate with the stranger without distractions and how to improve your communication skills.

I was very shy person . when ever teacher used to ask the question to class I never raise my hand to answer it. I feel insecure about what if my answer is not appropriate and many things goes on my mind.

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I always keep quite and listen to other students answer but when I realize that one answer were not fix for one question. it has many clue and answer hidden inside it . slowly I also start sharing my answer to the class which increase my courage and ability to develop the communication .

The best part while learning was the Kahoot. It is a web game to revise about the chapter we learn in very intrestion . it was mostly quiz game . First we have to open the kahoot site inter the pin and our user name and knowledge game starts . Student with fast and correct answer gets high marks. This was interesting and learning at the same movement. Group discussion and class presentation help us to know more about the course.

There were a lot of worst part one of them was moodle problem. There were a lot of problem in moodle like at first I cant get acess until second week due to which I can’t do my ether assignments. There was 1St assignment which carry 15 % which I have submitted in moodle but next time in class when I open my moodle it show due . I concen with my teacher and she talk to technical manager to fix it. Lot of time I cant summit my weekly work on time due to which there was detuction on marks.

On this course I learn a lot about the business and how to communicate. how to mind map before u do any thing . how to think critically on the worst and good situation and how you can choose best out of worst or the less important . it also help me to get solution by scanning the problems . to solve a problem we always have to detect the problems and find which are minor and which is major issue . to solve a problem always thonk all the possible solution and try to solve the major one first . which help me to solve minor problem easily . I also apply the things that I have learn .

We have group assignment in week 11 . where we got critical thinking topic. For this assignment group were divided and every group consist of 5 to 8 member but due to some issue we only have three people in our group. For this assignment every member have there own part. I was given what are the important of critical thinking. Where we can use critical thinking. First we make the pointa ad collaborate the topic and make slide . for this project we did lot of meeting in different time and also group chat was created to discuss about the presentation . meeting time and meeting place.

We also did prictise about the slide for presentation to build the confident. At first I thought that it was normal presentation but on the presentation day we came to know it was business presentation where we have to present by discussing with each other . which was totally different from others presentation . some how we manage it by observing other students. We did the presentation good but I feel we could have done it more better if we have search about how business presentation is conduct. If we include following things : show your passion and connect with audience time and again. As you prepare the presentation, you always need to bear in mind what the audience needs and wants to know, not what you can tell them As you prepare the presentation, you always need to bear in mind what the audience needs and wants to know, not what you can tell them.While you’re giving the presentation, you also need to remain focused on your audience’s response, and react to that (skillyouneed.) . Buid confident .

This course help us not only to learn about the communication skill , it also help us to learn the non verbal communication while communicating. Which shows the skill of the communicator. I also learn how to scan the people develop your skills and confident level. It also help me to make a correct decision in any situation with the help of critical thinking skill and mind mapping skill. Not only that this course help me how to act and behave in life . this course help me to develop my communication skill and boost my confident level.

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New Subject Means a Lot of New Information
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